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Which G series camera allow manual modes hacked or not?
  • Maybe this is a better place for this question. I am in need of a B camera fast due to a longer than expected repair on my GH2, Ideally I want a g series camera capable of full manual control with manual lenses. I saw one little tinge of a suggestion that GF1 has this in another thread, but it was not quite clear, I am pretty sure at this point the Gf2 and 3 do not have this.. GH1 is at the top of my budget which is about $200. I prefer to spend about half of this. I am going to Kyoto in less than a week, and have been looking forward to filming there since last year when I went with my wife's little canon, which was decent, but no where near GH2 level or G anything level for that matter.

    Any help on this would be greatly appreciated

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  • Though I am still curious about this, I may have the luxury of time now, as after a day of back and forth with Panasonic I have been promised my cameras return the day before I leave for Kyoto. Not 100% at ease just yet, but Japans mail carriers really tend to deliver when they say they are going to deliver, not just the day but within a 3 hour window (sometimes within a 15 minute window). Panasonic said Morning before noon, so it is a good sign. Originally they had told me it would be ready about 4 days after I left for vacation, so I have to give credit to Panasonic Japan's customer service for going the extra mile for me. The woman I spoke to literally ran to the phone the last time I called, and it was clear as she was out of breath. Never heard that with any other customer service in my life.