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Brume II - GH2 Landscape Footage - Sanity 5
  • Download the original file via Vimeo for better quality.

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  • How much post did you do because for some reason I love the way this footage looks! It does not look like video footage at all.

  • For some reason, reminds me of some Braveheart footage.

  • @subco

    Sanity does not crush blacks. Sanity gives you exactly what the camera is putting out - nothing more, nothing less.

  • well damnit @Ralph_B it looks really good. I might have to rethink things here and save disk space :)

  • @vicharris I applied curve adjustments to balance highlights and shadows, giving the shots more dynamic range, then I applied a light filter and film grain to wash out the footage and make it less video-ey.

    @subco The light filter and color grading is what makes it flat. Lens info is found on Vimeo, and I shot 1080 24p for the majority of shots, 720 60p for the slow motion footage, upscaled to 1080p.

  • @brettplank

    What NLE are you using and what type of "light filter"? Looks very interesting!

  • @subco

    Sanity 5 does not have mud, either. A while back I posted test footage comparing Sanity 5 to uncompressed HDMI capture in low light. I encourage people to check it out because it says more than any words can do.

  • @tcarretti I edit with Sony Vegas 12 Pro and color grade in After Effects using it's built-in plugins and Magic Bullet Looks for the lighting. (Specifically in Magic Bullet Looks they are "Lightflex" and "Color Reversal.")

    @Ralph_B @subco Any muddy spots or detail smearing is from bad color grading/correction on my part and also a result of soft Canon FD lenses. Sanity retains shadows detail very well in clear conditions with my sharper lens.