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gh2+14-140mm : focusing points in advance...
  • I just want to keep in memory (marking with some tape my 14-140mm) to points where to focus. The problem is that gh2 and 14-140 just loose "memory" : that means even in manual focus mode, when I move the focus ring and I am back to the mark I did, the image is not focused any more ! 14-140 mm is given as a video lens : how can I prepare in advance some points to focus and go from one to another while recording (in manual focus mode) ?

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  • Mark on the screen, not the lens.

  • thx balazer, I thought about this before, it was my first wish:-) but there is an issue : the white line in the screen while focusing is not in the same position before recording (when you want to focus some points with help of magnification) and while you record (without this help).

    That means : you have to focus + record + move focus ring a little bit (for the white line to appear) + put your mark on the screen + stop recording. Then do the same process for the second point, etc... it is not cool and not precise boo.

  • Just turn the focus ring very slowly until the scale pops up on the screen, and I believe it will affect the focus only very slightly. But yes, this is why many of us prefer manual focus lenses with mechanically linked focus rings.

    Don't forget about the GH2's ability to focus simply by touching the touch screen where you want it to focus. It will hunt a little bit, but then locks pretty quickly most of the time if you have a lens that focuses quickly.

  • The thing is I wanted to do it manually for controlling focus between 2 points. It is a pitty it cannot be done simply with 14-140mm, even if we have a manual ring there...

  • OK guys, I found it...In order to have some alignment for both focus white lines (before and while recording) I had to change configuration in menu CUSTOM/3/MF ASSIST : put to OFF. Now Iines are OK, and I can stick some pieces of tape on the bottom bezel of the LCD screen on points manually pre-focusted before recording and use these marks while recording.

    gh2...rules :-)

  • cool thread

  • I made a little ruler using the sticky screen protector stuff. I stuck it on the LCD just below the white focus line where it appears. It works okay in low light racks but not perfect. I posted a photo here last year at some poiny.

  • great !! I have bought some days ago screen protections for gh2 to do this :-)