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Hacked GH2 - No Spanning, multiple copies of the same file instead.
  • I just got the GH2 and tried some hacks, but they do not seem to work for me.

    I tried Flow Motion 2 and some Driftwood series 6 settings, but I had the same problem with both of them. I did not go into quality tests yet, because I wanted to check workflow options first, with different fps settings in Flow Motion 2, without success, but also found out that spanning did not work with it and I wanted to get that right first. After some tests I found something strange happened. Instead of a range of MTS files spanning, I now get several files with the same content. The longer the clip gets, the more files there are, which makes me believe it creates a new copy of the original file every time it is supposed to span into a new clip due to the 4GB limitation. The files do have subtle differences in size, but are all around 4gigs, but I think it is only the variable bit rate. Here is some stream info example on 3 (of five) duplicate files.

    \PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\00000.MTS Size = 4.305.033.216 Bytes (22.422.048 Packets) Stream: TS Max Speed = 96.897.200 bps Mode = 1080/24p Average PCR Timing Interval = 0,094 seconds Clip Duration = 0:08:06,02 PCR Duration = 0:08:06,10 Average Total Bitrate = 70.861.957 Average Video Bitrate = 69.022.876 Average Audio Bitrate = 235.013 Average Other Bitrate = 1.604.066 Max GOP Size = 4.662.528 Bytes (37.300.224 bits) Video Frame Count (All-I/P/B) = 11.653 - 971 / 2.914 / 7.767 Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 12.288 / 367.482 / 1.031.232 I Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 282.624 / 979.755 / 1.031.232 P Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 87.552 / 463.923 / 504.384 B Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 12.288 / 254.803 / 329.664

    \PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\00001.MTS Size = 4.302.151.680 Bytes (22.407.040 Packets) Stream: TS Max Speed = 96.897.200 bps Mode = 1080/24p Average PCR Timing Interval = 0,094 seconds Clip Duration = 0:08:11,98 PCR Duration = 0:08:11,93 Average Total Bitrate = 69.956.059 Average Video Bitrate = 68.133.383 Average Audio Bitrate = 235.007 Average Other Bitrate = 1.587.668 Max GOP Size = 4.587.648 Bytes (36.701.184 bits) Video Frame Count (All-I/P/B) = 11.796 - 983 / 2.949 / 7.863 Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 234.240 / 362.747 / 1.009.728 I Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 945.216 / 967.698 / 1.009.728 P Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 440.640 / 470.262 / 520.704 B Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 234.240 / 246.841 / 264.192

    \PRIVATE\AVCHD\BDMV\STREAM\00002.MTS Size = 4.301.021.184 Bytes (22.401.152 Packets) Stream: TS Max Speed = 96.897.200 bps Mode = 1080/24p Average PCR Timing Interval = 0,094 seconds Clip Duration = 0:08:14,99 PCR Duration = 0:08:14,87 Average Total Bitrate = 69.513.383 Average Video Bitrate = 67.701.911 Average Audio Bitrate = 234.995 Average Other Bitrate = 1.576.476 Max GOP Size = 4.569.792 Bytes (36.558.336 bits) Video Frame Count (All-I/P/B) = 11.868 - 989 / 2.967 / 7.911 Video Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 234.432 / 360.450 / 991.488 I Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 934.656 / 948.918 / 991.488 P Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 457.344 / 471.075 / 510.720 B Frame Size (Min/Ave/Max) = 234.432 / 245.438 / 264.192

    Even the clip duration seems vary, but inside premiere they are all the same length. Usually only one of the files retains any sound. I am deeply confused to what is happening, and would appreciate any insight any one might have. I will try some more settings and probably go back to stock too, just to check whether it happens there too.

    One thing to note is the card I am using. I read some controversial and mostly unclear posts one which cards work or do not. I have been using a 64GB SanDisk Extreme the SDXC1 U1 Class 10 with 45MB/s. Even if, what some of the posts say, it would be only half as fast, it should still be able to keep up with the bps the tried settings use. The only other card I have to test at the moment is a 32GB Transcend Class 10, but that has only 10MB/s and is used usually for photography only. I am about to order the 64GB Extreme Pro 90MB/s but I still think the one I haver should be fine. I am not using the highest bit rates anyway...

    Thanks for any knowledge you can share

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  • Lots to unpack in this post but I think I know what's going on.

    Your camera is successfully spanning. Premiere is importing each of the clips, seeing that it's a smaller part of a whole and gathering the remaing parts of the whole (which happen to be the other clips your importing) together and jointing them. This happens for each if your clips.

    For example if you have 3 MTS files, premiere us adding files 2 and 3 to number 1, 1 and 3 to number 2, and 1 and 2 to number 3, this making 3 equal wholes.

  • Oh my! Thanks a lot for that. I just checked the duration and it seems you are right! I am not sure if I like that tho. Makes finding files harder I guess. Is there a trick to import MTS files into premiere in a way to distinguish individual shots? Thanks for pointing that mistake out, saves me a lot of headache.

  • Did you keep the folder structure intact?

  • This is just Premiere sorting it out for you. I use mts file joiner as there are some random issues with Premiere every now and then, but if it works, don't bother. You can test it by joining the clips into one big file, then importing it and laying it down on the same track as the one Premiere assembled (using pointers, which is what NLEs and DAWS do anyway) and see if they match frame for frame. Some versions of the hack have issues with lining up the audio and the video, but I have not had this problem with the latest version of Flowmotion. If you have two really long clips, Premiere will show the times changing when you move to your new clip, like after the third or fourth file you will see three or four the same, then it will change.

    Can you import the files individually? Absolutely. If it is stubborn, just move the file to a new folder, without the extra data that tells Premiere how to stitch it together; you still have to make sure the first and last frame looks OK, although it usually does. Sometimes the audio is a little wonky in the last frame.

    You can also rename the clip you want to import, but then you can't use it "prejoined". You can also copy it with a different name. On my computer, I just do not import as "folder" and it takes the individual clip, but I don't use media browser.

    Despite what Premiere tells you, the program still does not handle pulldown (use After Effects), but for Progreesive it totally rocks.

  • Thanks for the effort guys. I think I will just find a way to sort it out beforehand and just add some steps for the CA and Loader. Most shots are much shorter then the 4GB limit would allow anyway and the rest is just better preparation. Thanks for the help guys. Now I am back to work flow and quality testing.