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GH2 Batteries - Japanese GH2 Battery working in Australia GH2 and vice versa?
  • Hi Everyone

    Just wondering whether anyone has had any experience with using official GH2 batteries from different regions from where they bought their GH2 from.

    I.e. Using a Japanese GH2 battery in an Australian GH2.

    I only ask as there's two different GH2 battery models: DMW-BLC12 (America / Japan) DMW-BLC12E (European / Australian)

    The power output is the same on both models. (7.2V 1200mAh 8.7Wh)


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  • works fine for me

  • Thanks for your reply,

    Can you confirm what models you are using?

  • both on a japanese body in australia =)

    i am also using both regions on an australian gh1 body too if that helps. Not the same battery of course, gh1 specific. I only use original batts