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Narrow beam halogen spot lights?
  • Could you recommend me a studio/mobile light with a narrow beam.

    I'm about to shoot musicians at a recording studio doing a live session. I only happen to have some diffused fill light, softbox umbrellas with fluorescent bulbs. They requested something more focused. What kind of a light should I rent? ARRI fresnels come with no dimmer, the studio is quite small, choose I the wrong wattage they'll turn more into fill-light. Will ND gels be my savior?

    Or, perhaps, are there any fresnels with a dimmer or spot-lights without adjustable beam angle but having a dimmer and narrow beam out there? Can you recommend brands and models to look for?

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  • May be LED fresnel?

  • Just rent some small Arris, make sure you get enough ND and blackwrap as well. If you need to lower the light output you can layer ND over half closed barn doors. If this is still to much you can use the blackwrap either as "tube" in front of fixture or put directly in front of fresnel with a whole in it. Since the resulting light will be very harsh you might think about adding some weak frost just out of frame.