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Flickering issue on GH2
  • Hy mates I need some help, I got some very strange issue in my GH2

    I got a slight flickering oscillation when filming still shooting on tripod ! ( as you can see in the video below) the flickering is not constant , sometimes slower sometimes faster

    I did a video in ETC mode , to make more evident the bug , which is also present in normal mode , it shooted on a strong tripod , no wind (or earthquake LOL)

    this happens to me only with pana zoom lenses I own ( 14-45mm OIS and 12-35mm OIS) not at all with manual lenses

    I tried OIS on/off , AF manual , C and S , different film mode , shutter , aperture , I tried to change all the settings in the menu , nothing is changed

    I don't think is about hack coz I tried to install a few , the only thing I didn't try is to install original stock firmware

    This issue still also in photographic mode , still already in preview mode ( I mean also when you're not in recording mode)

    When you make little movement with OIS "on" shaking stopping , then when you back to fixed shot after a few seconds it comeback again , momentanely shaking stopped happens also during manual focusing on MF mode

    with 14-45mm it is happens only when I point the camera at the top (check out video below).

    with 12-35mm almost always also in horizontal position ( I filmed 10min still shot , the shaking stopped after 3 minutes )

    I dunno it sounds like a OIS or AF issues , but does not explain why he does it with both panasonic lenses with same bug but with a different behavior one from another , so I'm afraid that is about GH2 body .

    I do not remember if this bug has always done , because I have not paid attention.

    it's really hard for me to figure it out and explain well to you ,also cause I'm not speaking English very well.

    if any of You ll'be so kind to do same experiments to see if it happens,or have any suggestion It would be extremely grateful

    thanks for your time

    password: flicker

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  • Gotta be an OIS issue. Do you have it turned off on the lens and body?

  • @BlueBombrerTurbo Yes I turned off OIS on the lens , but I cannot do that also on the body , or maybe I dunno if there is a way to do that ??? it's possible ?

  • Not sure, I only have the 14-42mm. No OIS switches on the lens, but options to turn on multiple steps of IS in the menus, depending on what mode I'm in.

  • Mmmmm... in Manual movie mode there is no way to switch off the OIS in camera menus , still OIS mode 1, while in photographic mode I can only choose between mode 1 mode 2 or mode 3 , but I cannot switch off OIS ?if not switched off buttons on the lens Anyway thank a lot Mate

  • I have the 14-45 with OIS toggle switch and no problem so far...

    Just an idea: did you try to upgrade the lens firmware?

  • @valpopando Yeah, I'm with LongJohnSilver. Check that the firmware is up to date for the lens and camera.

    If after that you still have that problem, even when shooting in MF mode with OIS turned off, then I think you have a defective camera. Hopefully the firmware side will fix things.

  • Thank guys yes OIS off and in MF mode too . The firmware of 14-55 is the last one 1.2 but it doens't make sense cause also with 12-35mm do the same issue , Last chance , tomorrow I'll try to install original panasonic body firmware !!!!! does anyone got same issue also with the camera pointed upwardly ?

  • @valpopando

    Just go to service center.

  • This is a tripod / wind problem. the weight of the camera is shaking the tripod when pointing up.

  • @apefos You can't believe how I wish it were as you say , but I did same test indoor ; (((.

    @Vitaliy_Kielsev Yes I will first try with original firmware and if it goes wrong I'll bring the GH2 in a service center ! thanks a lot !