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AW-HE50 Panasonic remote controlled camera.
  • Anyone else here who has used this? Trying to solve hz sync issues (can´t get it to stop flickering) but the only available shutter speeds are from 120th and upwards. What on earth have they been thinking? It´s an indoor cam, no less.

    Oh, and they advertise it with "easy to use". It´s not. (well maybe when it´s set up and properly functioning; it´s easy to zoom, pan & tilt and make presets, however when you need to dig into the menus you need their equally abysmal manual) It´s the most counter-intuitive piece of equipment I´ve used.

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  • I finally got in touch with a very helpful engineer at panasonic and managed to solve the issue: since I used an analog output / analog signal there was interference between different electrical sockets. Solution: use the same electrical socket (as the video mixer) or use digital (hdmi / hd-sdi output) cable to transfer the signal from the camera.