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Canon 6D FF DSLR topic
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    • 20.2mp full frame sensor
    • 4.5fps serial shooting
    • ISO Range 100-25600 (plus 50, 51200, 102400)
    • DIGIC5+ LSI
    • Weathersealed (Splash and dust resistant)
    • Build in Wi-fi
    • Build in GPS
    • 11 AF Points, only one cross.
    • 3.2″ LCD 1,02M dots
    • VF - pentaprism with 97 % coverage
    • Shutter spped - up to 1/8000 sec
    • Full HD video, 30p maximum
    • 1920 x 1080 (29.97, 25, 23.976 fps fps), 1280 x 720 (59.94, 50 fps)
    • Intraframe or interframe (ala 5D MkII)
    • USB 2.0
    • Lithium-Ion LP-E6 rechargeable battery
    • 770 g
    • 145 x 111 x 71 mm
    • Will be in stores at december 2012
    • $2100 body price

    Reviews and previews:

    Available for preorder at:



    700 x 600 - 68K
    591 x 570 - 62K
    729 x 522 - 55K
    686 x 547 - 66K
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  • Looks like the Nikon D600 just not quite as good.

  • Today companies seek high margin niches.

    Most popular are - rangefinder style cameras, FF cameras and premium P&S with large sensors.

  • For filmmakers I think for now there is not a lot of hope from Canon dslr. I would not like to be a Canon shooter now. With there Cinema line nothing will move until they are really forced by the market.

  • Body price is indeed $2100.

  • Hmm... seems there are much better dedicated choices in the $2000-3000 for photo or video, and this will have a tough time generating sales with so many other choices, used upstream and new downstream product.

    Would like to see how it compares to used 5D Mark II for photos...

  • My felling about the leaked gh3 video and the Philip Bloom has to do with this announcement suppose to be on the same date. I think that Pana was afraid that this launch would overshadow the gh3 one. With the 6d and Olympus announcement tomorrow and last week Sony and Nikon. The best was to leak/announce the camera unofficially during those date.

  • Looks like a decent camera for stills. Glad to see full frame prices dropping with this and the D600, just wish there were more advances in video.

  • Dpreview leaked the specs for the 6D as well. Definitely full frame. However, only goes to 1080p @ 30 FPS. No 60 FPS except for in 720p.

  • Contrast Detect (sensor)
    Phase Detect
    Selective single-point
    Face Detection
    Live View

    Like to see Contrast detect on there. The real question is "Does it actually work".

  • Cool video. Love the making of part. At 5:50 were they suggesting that you select the EF24-105 instead of the EF50 so as to achieve a more natural DOF look?

    I'd like to say that I think Canon are dreaming when it comes to their pricing but they will probably sell a shitload. That was a pretty good ad.

  • No headphone jack... common Canon, stop protecting your high-end models with stupid omissions like this. Too bad Nikon skipped live aperture change on the D600, so none of them suits my needs. I think I will buy a Panasonic GH3... which has no omission but the mFT sensor (and LCD that is only 610k dots instead of the gorgeous 920k, 1,200k on competitor models. I hope OLED has higher quality.

  • @sohus Don't worry about the touchOLED screen its impressive but it's only meant for touching. Wait till you look thru the Live EVF because that's the OLED that will look fantastic.

  • The portait shots look nice. All these FF cameras as they get discounted, they will put the squeeze on prices and margins of APS-C and 4/3

  • I would not like to be a Canon user shooting video nowadays. From hero to zero, people are still discussing Canon below $ 7000 is insane compared to what all other companies have released lately.

  • If someone here still does not know which FF choose There is a quotation from Graduated Film Student Group on Facebook\Ireland: Topic starts: member1: link to 6D announcement. member2: links to A99 and D600 member1: "Sorry Konrad, anyone with any sense'd be picking up the 6D.Built in Wi-Fi and an ISO range in six digits . Nikon aren't really great video cameras and Sony DSLRS are too finicky for my tastes, plus I like the adaptability of Canon DSLRS.They're industry standard for a reason...." There is little more there if you like:)

  • The ISO range and better shadow rendition in the Canon sensors compared to Sony still makes the 6d an interesting choice. Shooting video with flat profiles off Sony DSLR sensors is a pretty frustrating experience even at relatively low ISOs. Have had several Sonys and sold them all off for this reason and this point alone still keeps me with Canon on aps-c and ff.

  • 6D is an interesting option. I'm glad it's coming out before GH3, so we can make a informed decision before purchasing either.

    • I admit I like shooting pics with Canon. I just like the feel, and the results I get from it.
    • I do find the GPS metadata from iphone camera shots. It makes organizing pics so easy. I'm glad this has GPS. I'm very surprised that GH3 didn't...
    • Nearly everyone has shipping Canon full frame lenses. Not just promising, or thinking about them for future.
    • Camera stores anywhere rent additional EF lenses if needed. That's just not an option with M4/3.
    • Full frame goes wide. Very nice for tight indoor shooting options. Much easier to setup shots indoors with more options and angles. Walls are very hard to move. :)
    • And most of all, Canons have the CineStyle flat setting option, which give nice predictable post flexibility. The clients I deal often tweak the style they want during post. Especially if the footage I'm shooting needs to be intercut with someone else's shoot footage from any camera. I'm a little surprised that "flat" wasn't in the GH3 high priority feature list, with it's video focus. That's a major, major mistake by Panasonic GH3 team, in my opinion.
    • More dealers, more price competition...

    $2k may be tempting...

  • Minor correction: The fastest shutter is 1/4,000.

  • I've given the "headphone jack" controversy some thought, and it seems that since I'd be using a Beachtek XLR adapter anyway - which has a headphone jack - what's the need for a built-in headphone jack anyway?

    More distressing, however, is the strange mention about IQ by a Canon rep in The Verge's preview article:

    "Videographers in particular might have incentive to stick with Canon's more expensive options — the company told us that the video quality should be more in line with the 5D Mark II than the 5D Mark III. We asked Canon to clarify whether this means that the 6D skips lines when downsampling video (which can lead to the unpleasant CMOS skew effect seen in lots of DSLR video), but we haven't heard back yet."

    Weird. Just weird.