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Flash and strobes usage
  • Hey everyone.

    I thought that I would start a topic regarding equipment for FLASH photography. No need to be GH2 centric- but would be good to play nice with the GH2.

    There is no TTL (Through The Lens) metering system of 3rd party Flashes that is Panasonic compatible, thus everything you buy for GH2 will be manual. This is no super big issue, as the moment you bounce the flash off the ceiling your TTL dies anyway.

    Also note that many clients now days need more than just a simple video package. Many need images, and adding a big flash unit does help this (not only for the light- but also helps client respect).

    And to be honest providing services such that we provide should not involve us giving away jobs to other companies. If its out of your comfort zone don't worry- however nothing wrong with offering photography in the package. Learn a few 'key' setups and simply take the photo.

    You will also find that continuous lighting is VERY costly for images as you are normally not taking a photo at 1/50 of a second. You will also be able to create studio quality images and learn more about lighting.

    There are MANY great and cheep Flash units out there currently- and they are only getting better.

    Currently I have a YongNuo YN-560ii (RRP $70 ebay) which I am very happy with, (and will be getting a few more for 2 point lighting) I will mainly be using this with a radio frequency trigger.

    Share below your Flash gear and thoughts.

    Cheers, A

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  • Yep, it is big issue, weak flashes range and no third party stuff.

    As I remember only third party flashes that work are for 43 Olympus ameras.

  • Trigger circuit voltage!!

    be aware that NOT all flashes are compatible to any camera.. coz the trigger voltage can exceed the design limits of your camera!!!! see this for further details: and this discussion:

    I cannot verify if the statements are false, just be precautioned.

    My old Contax TLA30 works fine with GH1/GH2


  • Yep, it is big issue, weak flashes range and no third party stuff. As I remember only third party flashes that work are for 43 Olympus ameras.

    I haven't found any issues with using the YN flash with the GH2. Apart from manual mode - YN state that its a 'universal flash', and they state that Panasonic is one of the supported brands.

    So apart from TTL there is no issue, except that Panasonic don't make great flashes. All of the lighting that would be helpful for our work would be manual anyway (Reflectors, Diffusers, etc) - so TTL no issue.

    Also remember that if you need a super powerful flash you can 'gang' flashes together. Easy way to create a portable studio flash!


  • I have a Metz 48 which does TTL. Link:

    You can do a by maker-model search there.

  • I have gh2 +YongNuo YN-560ii. If I set multi foto mode (4-5 frame per seconds) on gh2 and set up YongNuo YN-560ii. The multi foto mode is not woking, i think it's became desable. In YongNuo YN-560ii I set multi foto mode. Can you explane whats up?

  • Just an update to this ancient thread:

    I am moving from YongNuo to Godox. Godox have a universal system that allows TTL & HSS in:

    • Sony
    • Canon
    • Nikon
    • Olympus/Panasonic
    • Fuji (IIRC)

    All that is necessary is the correct remote to be attached to the camera.

    This is really a game changer as alternative systems needed complex setups with expensive control units to achieve 1/8000 sync speed. Now it is trivial.

    Currently they have brought out the new / improved / redesigned XPro remote- which is 2.4GHz - with TTL & HSS for Canon & Nikon with other brands to follow.

    The XPro remote can be found for as little as 65 USD.

    If you are a Canon shooter and have Godox flash gear- there is a unit going currently for $18- (which I think is a typo- so get it fast!):

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