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Third-party EVFs and the GH2
  • I'm interested in hearing people opinions, recommendations, horror stories about using the GH2 with a 3rd party EVF/Loupe combo. Also, are there any reliable low-cost options?
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  • well, loupes, as just loupes are totally unnecessary with the GH2 viefinder and are too much hassle to use with rotating screens. Now for Electronic Viefinders, we have several options, the zacuto evf, the smallHD, the cineroid etc. The two most prominent contenders are the zacuto and the small HD EVF. From what I've seen so far the smallHD seems to be the best option, good price, and the great thing about it is at the heart of the evf lies a 4" inch very good panel which can be totally used as compact external monitor as weel. The magnifying loupe seems to be more stable than the zacuto looking.

    My prediction is that there will be huge competition in EVF market and everyone and my grandma will be making one. As soon as chinese start bringing out well designed evfs things will get pretty interesting for our pockets....:)
  • it will be very important to be able with the hack to use extele and focus zoom with hdmi. After stable bitrates, testers will probably devote more time into these features and will hopefully find solution
  • Z-EVF can do focus zoom with GH2 but still no Extele
  • We must see really bunch of this stuff soon.
    High res 4-5" screens are much wider available and cheaper now thanks to smartphones.
    Normal price must be in $250 region for 4" version really.
  • here's something I discovered. it seems like trusmt is on to something already
    we don't know price or release date yet, perhaps we can contact them and find out more.
    Electronic ViewFinder

    panel size:3.5" TFT LCD

    input votage:form 7.2v to 12V

    resolution:800*480,up to 1920*1080


    input signal:HDMI ,AV


    power consumption: ≤5w

    VF Magnification: 2.5X
    Vision adjust: +1.50~-2.50

    600 x 400 - 165K
    600 x 400 - 81K
    600 x 400 - 99K
    600 x 400 - 121K
    600 x 400 - 128K
    600 x 400 - 141K
  • Wow, those guys are some fast motherfuckers :-)
  • Now this looks like a viable alternative...

    640 x 1317 - 362K
  • personally I don't like it, too much hassle and low quality. The cool thing about evf like the smallHD is that u can use much better screens than camera screens. If you're in the market for low cost vf, I think the best option is to wait a month or two for asian manufacturers to bring evfs
  • @last_SHIFT I like the looks of that loupe "Safety swivel" it looks like it has an adjustable metal support/mount so you wont snap the lcd screen off, essential feature! Are Varavon products reasonably priced?

    @stefanos how do you know its low quality?
  • @kujina
    I don't know it's low quality, but I don't see the point in loupe VF on gh cameras. 1st the gh screens are not as good as canons so the loupe won't be as useful as on a canon. 2nd, loupes and swivel screens are a receipe for failure. 3rd and most important, why on earth not use the wonderful built in gh2 EVF? It's better than the screen and much higher res than any loupe+screen, and guess what it's free! and saves on battery. loupes were useful for canons which don't have live view in video mode and in sunlight canon users were fucked. But this magnification loupe thing is a trend that shouldn't be transferred to gh cameras. What would be useful is a more comfortable eyepiece for gh2 built in evf.

    Electronic VF like smallHD, zacuto etc are a whole other deal
  • The GH2 EVF is quite good - however the Zacutos and Small HDs offer a lot of features like peaking and frame lines, and personally I like an offset viewfinder. Sure the Chinese companies will be flooding the markets with EVF's any day now at cheaper prices but you most always get what you pay for and it comes down to if in the end you dont mind not having all the bells and whistles and that it gets the job done. The thing I would be looking for down the line is for the ability for firmware upgrades.
  • Can we include recommendations for eyepieces/eyecups for the GH2 EVF in this thread then?
  • @kujina
    this is a pretty blind recommendation, but the best option so far for me if I bought one is smallHD EVF. It seems the best bang for buck with high quality screen monitor so can be used as both evf and external monitor, can have firmware upgrades etc. It's a very nice company generally that makes good stuff at prices more affordable than zacuto. As I'm in no dire need though, I'm fine waiting a few months for good chinese stuff:)
  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev
    what do you think of the trusMT EVF design and specs I posted? Do you know if it's a good panel that is used?
  • @stefanos
    I don't know.
    I'll talk with them and let you know.
  • Any news on what Chinese stuff is with us now days?