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Azden field mixers?
  • Any one has any idea or have used the Azden mixers? I had decided to buy a sound devices Mixpre-D and Sony recoder for my audio. This seemed to be the most affordable way to buy the SD quality every body craved about. But unfortunately you cannot buy the mixpre-D outside from America from BH. So now I am back to square one.

    I have seen those mixers from azden but they don't have a lot of reviews on the net. One like the 4 channel FMX-42a has some very good feedback on BH and I have seen this review which is very positive. There is another 3 channel FMX-32a which is in the $ 450 (a review of the previous model that seems to be better than the previous model reviewed above.

    So if any people had any feedback would be nice. The price are very affordable and would be interesting even to the lot who have bought recorders with not so great preamp like the zoom. I find it strange that we don't have more people talking about them because they seem to be real step-up from those low end recorders with better preamp, sound control, built etc.

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  • @danyyyel Did you end up buying the mixer? I'm looking at getting the 22 or 32, reviews seem good.

  • I can just talk about the MixpreD and its for sure a really good choice. The construction and preamps are really top quality. This SD get mic out to work with DSLR mic in an a usb plug to get it work like a sound card.

  • Looks good, is the sound quality through the USB any good? About twice the price of the Azden though, if the Azden pre-amps are any good then that still might be my best bet.

  • @slacklaporte

    Check topic title.
    No need to turn every topic into "Sound Devices" rulez topic.

  • @dannyel, u must compare their specs and see what are your real needs. u need multiple channels? dslr recording? @disordinary For the SD, the sound quality is good thrue usb, cause the must important here are the legendary pre-amps, but in any case at these point it may be easy to get it good sounding in post with azden. @Vitaliy_Kiselev I read the topic and what he wrote and thats why i wrote about SD.

  • Yeah it might be worth the extra cost if it replaces a break out box for other uses, if the pre-amps are noticeably better than the Azden. The Azden seems to be the best bang for buck based on very limited information. Unfortunately based on where I am I doubt I'm going to be able to test either directly. I think I would need to import the SD myself, the Azden I can get here but would need to order it in.

  • What are your need with a preamp? What is your camera?

  • Camera at the moment is a GH1 I record to a Microtrack 2 however, it will mainly be used on my Black Magic Cinema Camera however

  • in this case, u need 2 xlr inputs, good preamps, and line or mic output (depends of the inputs of Black magic)

  • yes, it has two balanced inputs without phantom power That's why I'm looking for something, I'm leaning towards the Azden still, even though the Sound Devices is the better product, and will probably save me money in the long run as I won't need to buy a high quality sound card for my workstation it's really not in the budget for now. If the Azden will do the job and has low noise in it's preamps then it means I can spend money elsewhere. The Sound Devices means compromising now in order to save money in the future. In the future I can make more money, what I need is things within my budget short term.

    The problem is that the limited information available on the FMX 22 is that its a good product (not so with everything Azden makes) the annoying thing is that the information is limited.

    I'm going to ring my local film making shop to see if they can put me in touch with anyone that has purchased the Azden because their isn't the information online.

  • more info can see here:

  • thats seem ok. Azden FMX-22 is smaller, thats a plus. On the BMC u get 2 x 1/4" TRS balanced phone switchable between microphone and line levels. So with line level any field mixer will do the job. For even a cheaper option, i dont know if u can go just with phantom power adapter and mix and record inside BMC. (Audix APS911 or Countryman Battery Power Module) All depends of your need. Or may check on ebay for some deals too, like used Shure FP33.

  • Thanks @Eugene, I had seen the second one but not the first.

    @slacklaporte yeah I think though that its better to have quality preamps as well rather than relying on the BMC which probably doesn't. Seems like the Azden is a go, I'm just surprised there aren't more reviews on it - I guess that a good thing as well as their aren't any bad reviews on it.

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    • 2 Channel USB digital audio output
    • USB out connects to computer, smartphone or tablet
    • 4 balanced XLR line/mic inputs and pan controls
    • Switchable 48V phantom power and limiting
    • Professional quality VU meters
    • 2 balanced XLR outputs (line/mic switchable)
    • Stereo mini-jack output for DV cameras
    • 6x AA battery powered
    • Optional A/C adapter


    Available for $539 at

    800 x 460 - 36K
    780 x 578 - 58K