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LED Fresnels
  • led-fresnel.jpg
    480 x 426 - 37K
    455 x 330 - 33K
    398 x 381 - 31K
    398 x 381 - 31K
    508 x 365 - 29K
    458 x 393 - 33K
    515 x 343 - 20K
    396 x 371 - 24K
    396 x 348 - 25K
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  • I asked them a question about the beam angle. The posted 120deg seems too high..Will update this thread when they reply. Nice find Vitaliy!

  • Great find, thanks!

  • I'm still waiting for daylight fresnels with beam adjustment - but the price point of these are quite interesting.

  • @Psyco

    I am sure that you'll see them pretty soon.

  • @Vitaliy_Kesselev Do you think the specs of a beam angle of 120 deg is correct ? That is a very wide flood, considering that in stage lighting, a Wide Flood has a beam angle of 45deg.

  • this means 1000w studio light equivalent?

  • I think something around 500-600w :-)

  • Very nice trend.

  • the unit this guy received came broken

    anyone else has already any experience with these?

  • the unit this guy received came broken


    As he'll get replacement we could check his response.

  • Has anyone purchased one on this board?

  • image

    This seems like first Lishuai produced light on ebay.

    Price is higher and it looks really pro

    Send me PM, as we have them and better prices on deals ( ).

  • We now offer spot lights you can see in the first post, as well as much better fresnels that include DMX. As usual, with best price on the market.

  • What would be the approximate brightness equivalent tungesten fresnel to the 100W LED fresnels?

  • @Psyco

    You can try to use premium led diagram to compare.

    I think it is about 650w, may be slightly lower.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev

    What about a rule of thumb: 1 W LED = 5 W tungsten ?

  • What about a rule of thumb: 1 W LED = 5 W tungsten

    You mean that you invented it?

    DIfferent LED have different efficience, add here different led drivers.

  • Thing that is important to add that on our deals it is quite cheaper, in kit it is not really much more than ordinary fresnels (but, of course, ordinary fresnels have much better light quality and they are.. fresnels).

    But I still recommend to get proper good fresnel (either Lishua or other one we have, both with DMX dimmers).

  • I wrote to several Ebay sellers regarding the cheaper blue & yellows along with the grey bodied premium LED Fresnels as to what the CRI was. The manufactures were all claiming a CRI of 90. If this is true it would be fantastic however I am highly skeptical. The highest CRI white LEDs phillips makes have a minimum CRI of 90 and have both a relatively low output efficiency and are very expensive. Though I don't expect a CRI of 90-95+ at this cheap price, I want some real world feedback as to the general quality of color rendering in the real world. My concern is the real world color rendering of these LEDs. (I realize that CRI numbers no not describe what gaps in the color spectrum are missing or what the general quality of color rendering is).

    I have a stills project coming up that requires Fresnel lights to emulate 1930's style studio lighting. I also have a video project with my GH2 which would benefit from portable LED lighting. From my research the Chinese "as Arri" lights are functionally the same as real Arri's and can use Arri accessories. However I am tempted to get the Chinese LED Fresnels (I can get a real $12 Fresnel to replace the non-Fresnel lens of the blue and white model). I like the fact that the LED Fresnels won't blow the circuit breakers on location and they won't cook my subjects. My research has been that the 100W Chinese LED Fresnels actually have a real world output more equivalent to a 300W tungsten Fresnel as opposed to an 650W or the 1000W equivalent some Ebay sellers describe. All of this is an acceptable trade off for the 650W tungstan "As Arri's." The video project can make due with lower CRI lighting but the still project which will also be photographing people, I don't want to use lights with really bad color rendering like that of cheap older cool white household fluorescents that made faces look greenish or sickly.

    Anyone have any experience or find any reliable feedback on the real world quality of color rendering of these LED Fresnels?

  • @WinkleJon

    May be they can make 90 CRI. Lishuai, may be. But most probably not.

    If you mean cheap "fresnels", I think it'll be aroung 80, if not below.

  • I wrote them about the cheap blue & yellow body LED Fresnels along with the slightly more expensive grey body "premium" cheap LED Fresnels. On both they claimed a minimum CRI of 90. I checked Phillips corporate site and looked up the specs on their highest CRI white led components and they had a minimum CRI of 90 as well. These also had a lower light output and were much more expensive than brighter LEDs with a lower CRI. This is why I'm skeptical that they are using LEDs with a real CRI of 90. Also the Ebay sellers generally claim the 100W LED Fresnels are equivalent in brightness to a tungsten Fresnel between 650W to 1000W depending on the seller. The few reviews of these online by people who have worked with tungsten Fresnels claim the brightness is actually more equivalent to a 300 W tungsten. This exaggeration also undermines the credibility of a 90 CRI claim.

    I just re-watched Insectula's video review again and then looked at his film's footage on his Vimeo site. I don't like the skin tones rendered but I don't know if that is his raw footage or if it had been graded. Part of mer would really like to believe I can get decent skin tones from these as cool running low power LEDs are so much easier to handle. Unless a credible person who has used these can give me a more complete sense of the quality of their actual color rendering, I'm probably going to have to suck it up and go with hot tungsten lights and tripped circuit breakers. Even with the latter video project, it's mostly interviews and I really need appealing skin tones.

  • @WinkleJon

    First. Stop asking ebay sellers, as they are sellers in first place.

    Second. Stop fucking your mind. If you need something cheap and for very high CRI - get normal fresnels set. Fresnel LEDs are intended for studios, long interviews, shooting where you don't have enough wattage, etc.

  • Has anyone used the Lishuai LED Fresnels? I'd love to hear some feedback.

  • Has anyone tried the cam trees and or how they compare to what we can get on deals? $930 for a 2 light set right now, seems interesting. After using a whole truck full of the real thing I'm hungry to have a few in my personal kit.