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Old Miller head needs new legs.
  • Hi, I have a old miller tripod. I love the head but hate the heavy spreaders. I've measured the bowl on the tripods and its 70mms but the head is about 75mm. Should i use the head or spreaders as a reference? Also will the bowl from newer and different brand spreaders mix and match with the old head i have? Thanks

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  • Write to Miller Fluid Heads quoting the model numbers. They are helpful.

  • The head, as 75mm is a standard (the other being 100mm and then 150mm) with the legs always having a smaller bowl (to allow for leveling). I use E-Image legs with my Sachtler, really cheap and really good!

  • @theacumen, I have old 100mm Miller head, and 100mm wooden legs and 75mm wooden legs .. both legs have been used with newer model millers and sachtler heads.

    You may be measuring 70mm .. The bowl is not an exact half sphere .. it's a 75mm bowl