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Panasonic m43 camcorder?
  • Just saw this on the 43rumor website. Has anyone found more info about it somewhere?

    903 x 573 - 122K
    376 x 292 - 46K
    563 x 268 - 56K
    727 x 490 - 101K
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  • I think those pics have been floating around for some time... Looks cool. Maybe that's why panasonic have been extra tight lipped about the GH3? To surprise us all ;)

  • haha! yeah that realy would be one hell of a surprise! But I don't expect that from them since they wouldn't have a high level photocamera in that case.. The GXx with a rangefinder concept would be nice too!

  • If this thing was released and Vitaly hacked it, I'd certainly get myself one! Rolling shutter is a huge problem to me and a camcorder would probably have much less of it than a photo-video-hybrid-camera.

  • Why the lcd flips out in the wrong direction?

  • @apefos probably because it keeps it close to the users eyes, just like on our gh2. If you look at the pictures you can se it even flips back into the back of the camera.

  • The LCD is reversible, like the GH2