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Buy an Eyefi card or wait to see if GH-3 has wifi?
  • Anyone use the Eyefi card mainly for stills? How well does it work? I've noticed I've been shooting a few pics and then needing to quickly get them into Lightroom to process. My computers card reader doesn't like the large Sandisk SD cards, so I hook the GH-2 directly to USB to offload. I was thinking about getting a Eyefi card just for this purpose. I don't really know how well it works on transferring the the PC?

    I'm also guessing wifi will be part of the GH-3. That may be a better implementation. So, does anyone have first hand experience with a GH-2 and eyefi?



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  • It is quite stupid to make decision on unconfirmed rumors.

    You can check SDHC deals at Marketplace, as I remember not long ago some refurbished Eye-Fi cards deal was active.

  • Transfer time depends on file size, but even RAW works just not as quickly (maybe 7/8 seconds). It's somewhat like tethered shooting without the speed or connective reliability (sometimes you must reset the wifi). I've used the iPad to receive the images as a monitor.

  • I have an EyeFi card and it's pretty slick. I've used it in interviews and sent the video files directly to my MacBook Pro which then automatically turned the clips into ProRes via an Automator app, a 5DtoRGB batch script, and 5DtoRGB. The benefit to the EyeFi card over any wifi camera is that you can use it with multiple devices.

  • Question: If you are not near wifi, and say you shoot 10 stills. You come home and place the camera near you computer (wifi area) (camera on obviously) will it then automatically transfer the photos? That would solve my problem.

    Also, the videos I've seen are not clear about this. Does the eyefi card just network to your access point? or can it directly transmit to notebook or PC? I've seen them refer to "DIRECT CONNECT" which sounds like a device to device connection, sans a router?

  • I go directly to my Macbook Pro all the time.

  • I have the Eye-Fi pro card and yes it can directly transmit files(RAW, JPG, and Movies) directly to a device. I use it to transfer them directly to my phone.

    Right now I usually just shoot jpgs and when I either turn on my phone's 4G hotspot or enter my home's wireless network it automatically starts uploading them to FB, Flicker, an FTP server, or my computer.

    There is one very important thing to remember if you want to use it with movies. It will not operate in the "Selective" mode with AVC-HD. Since AVC-HD has a different file structure it won't upload them when you protect the file. However, you can operate in the mode where it uploads everything and it will upload the AVC-HD files along with everything else in sequence.

    I suspect that the MP4 file mode was put in the newer cameras partly because it offers great compression and it could be used in the "Selective" mode.

    I love my eye-fi card. It has changed the way I view photography. Speed of sharing is my main concern. With the eye-fi card I can easily upload the images from anywhere in real time.

    Please note that the eye-fi card is rated as a class 6 card. However, it is the slowest card I have tested and I would say it barely qualifies as class 6.

    The only settings it is compatible with are the "No adverse Affects" settings in the video below. Those settings were specifically designed to never produce write errors with this card.

    It will fail in certain scenarios with any other settings including the stock factory settings. That is why I say it is barely class 6. If it is even truly class 6 at all.