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Silicon-Power 64GB SDXC Class10 UHS-1 ExFat Card
  • A unique card I mentioned awhile back is finally available, Silicon-Power claims this card does away with spanning issues since it uses ExFat. Maximum read speeds are 60mb/s maximum write is 30mb/s with a minimum of 10mb/s. Not earth shattering speeds, but considering many who want spanning use economic patches for documentary work, this card may be a good choice. First link is the official SP website, second is the only place I have seen this card available yet. 9800 yen = $115 to $125 USD depending on the exchange rate which fluctuates allot lately.

    Silcon-Power makes some of the fatest and best priced SSD's on the market, so they may be someone to watch for bad ass SDXC cards in the near future.

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  • All SDXC cards come preformatted with exFAT. The GH2 still doesn't write files larger than 4 GB, even with exFAT. Successful spanning depends on the speed of the card in HS mode. UHS mode performance metrics are not relevant.

  • @mee, i think it is a GH2 firmware that does limit the use of exFAT, if Pany updates their firmware it may support in future exFAT if there are no hardware limits ...