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Creative video mode compared to "A S M P" modes question
  • Hi,

    I have a question. For my professional videos with my GH2, so with controlled lightning etc, I of course use the creative video mode and so did I also during my private videos. At one time I needed to take a picture during a video take and found out, that I can not do this in creative video mode. But in A S M P and many other modes, when I film in these modes. Now the chosen video format, SHG, SH (1080i, 720p,) or so stays the same in the other modes. What is different is, that in these modes, Auto ISO jumps in which can mot be overruled.

    When I film outside with good light I do not care. Other things like aperture, shutter speed etc ca be set manually in the normal modes ad well.

    So my question to the GH2 experts: What are the other differences/advantages From creative video modes to A S M P Modes

    Advantage creative video mode: 1. control of the ISO 2. ?

    Advantage A S M P modes: 1. pictures can be taken during video filming 2. ?

    Thanks already, any answer will be appreciated.

    @ Vitaliy, if you ind a thread, where this question fits please shift it there or let me know and I post the question there again.

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  • 24p and HBR are selectable only in creative movie mode. In asmp modes it is by default 1080i or 720p.

  • Ok, but I pnly film in 720p, so mo difference there for me.

  • I don't have my GH2 with me right now, I was under the impression that you can it to take a picture immediately after you stop recording video. This review says something a bit different: (search the page for: "14 megapixel photo". The last item of this menu animation is suspicious:

    This isn't probably what you want, but could have some uses...

  • @ Duartix Thanks for the links, but I know how to take pictires during film. With foto mode video priority you can make 2MB pictures during the filming and with picture priority you can make the pictures in the quality you have set the camera for. But then the video records only a still and no sound during the picture taking. Bul all of that not in "creative vodeo mode", but on A S M P and many other modes.

    This is the reason why I asked: what advantages has the creative video mode in addition to ISO control and 24p and HBR mode (thanks inqb8tr for that input) that I do not need or use, compared to the normal A S M P modes, where I can take the pictured during filming.

    The question is still open.

  • Here is a little known trick.

    Never use the PASM modes for video and stills. Instead use the creative mode to take video with full manual controls. Then play the video back and click Menu/Set when you get to a frame you like. That will save that frame as an image. You can even do super slow motion in playback to pick exactly the frame you want.

    Maybe the GH3 will be 4K and then this method will produce full resolution images.

  • Gh3 is gonna have built-in wings... for aerial video shooting. Hehe.

    I hope it supports wireless transfer JPG to iphone/ipad so that waveform can be analyzed quickly.

  • @mpgxsvcd Yes but why never use ASMP? O never do but why is the question. For I have manual control too except ISO.

    Thanks for the still trick. Was new to me and works well.

    With 4K that would be really good. Btu I doubt that GH3 will have it. Would be nice though.

    @ stonebat Built in wings is a good idea. Wifi is the first step. Next would be thought controlled picture taking. Next step would be thought pictures taking from our minds.

    Ok, probably reserved fot GH 45 :)

  • @AKED

    I just meant never use the "stills" PASM modes on the dial for video. When you use those modes you are actually using "P" mode with Intelligent ISO for video. Intelligent ISO is the furthest thing from smart.

    You should always use the video specific modes that allow you to actually select PASM for video.