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BM camera hardware modification question (technical genius needed)
  • Hello,

    Originally I had completely written off the black magic cinema camera as it did not meet my personal needs but after some investigating I have decided otherwise. I have decided that modification will be the best route for me.

    The idea that I had would be to replace the front of the Black Magic cinema camera with another plate that has a m 4/3 mount. There is a company I have worked with in the past that is known as "the photographers machinist". They make custom parts for all sorts of cameras and given existing projects they have had I don't see this being a problem for them.

    Now to the question. If the lens mount control connections were disconnected from the front plate of the camera without touching or damaging any of the other internals should i expect there to be any problems with the function of the camera? Normally I would just be mounting my nikon lenses to the camera via nikon to ef adapter, which is a dumb mount that allows for manual iris adjustment. If I replaced the front of the camera couldn't I expect the camera to react just as it would if it had any other dumb lens (although this time it would be dumb lens and dumb mount)

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  • Question is whether the camera will support "dumb" lenses... or if it will keep searching for attached lens... I would waint until someone confirms... apart from that I think that's doable.

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