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Anyone have a dead GH1 to donate?
  • My GH1 is still working fine except for one little detail: the SD card door no longer snaps shut. I can see that the cause is a tiny ridge on the inside of the door that simply wore out over time.

    Does anyone happen to have a dead GH1 they could donate to fix my old GH1's SD card door? This particular GH1 has quite a history, as it's the camera I used to develop all five of my original GH1 patches. In addition, it was retrofitted with Panasonic's unhackable version of the GH1 firmware after I was forced to send it back to the factory for warranty service. As a result, it became one of the first unhackable GH1's to be hacked by Vitaliy's breakthough version of PTool that liberated all GH1's. After such a momentous career, it'd be an indignity to have to tape the stupid door down with duct tape. So if you can, please help!


    Original GH1.jpg
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  • I had exactly the same issue on that crappy SD card door and I asked for it to be repaired under warranty, but they insisted I send the whole camera (instead of sending the little piece of plastic). So I took a needle, an index card and some slow setting crazy glue and used the needle to build up a thin ridge on the outside of the door plastic. And in fact, it then worked better than the original. Still waiting for the refined quantization tables for the GH1 so I can go back to no noise video!

  • @DrDave Wow, great suggestion, that may be my next GH1 project. Custom GH1 quant tables would also be great, but in the meantime, check out my 100Mbps GH1 vs GH2 showdown (near the bottom of the page):

  • @LPowell - did you fix this in the end? I have same problem and have been using velcro, which is becoming annoying!

  • @leftedit Yep, fixed it just like @DrDave described!

  • Do not glue your finger to the door or it will not close properly.