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Getting the best low light setttings
  • The old GH1 low light trick now only works with official lenses it seems, it no longer seems possible to get iso trick boost with manual lenses. Anyone else got any tricks to increase low lgiht performance.
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  • GH2 + Nokton 25.95?
  • >After a discussion with Ralph B it seems auto iso in shutter exposure mode helps boosts the iso higher than 3200.

    I'll try to add ISO 3200, may be 6400 to GH1. Just wait some time.

    But I suggest you to buy good lighting kit and set of prime lenses anyway
  • Is it feasible that you use an on-camera light? The GH1 is a hard camera to use in extreme low light. It gets much easier to use when you have some degree of contrast in the frame.

    I'll agree that you need some kind of fast prime lens. Primes have less glass internally so they waste less light as well as having larger apertures.

    I personally think that anything less than F1.4 is diminishing returns. Finding a decently priced F1.2 is also nearly impossible for very little gain. Trying to focus a F0.95 lens is nearly impossible wide open, not to mention the razor thin DOF(which looks OK on a locked-off tripod but will be impossible to deal with in a crowded social arena with lots of movement).
  • Been doing some more tests on these iso boost tricks. Looks like with a manual lens using the auto iso trick max iso is 6400.