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GH2 Camera Strap
  • Hi does anyone know of any camera straps that don't require you to use the detachable mount things? A strap that will just go through the holes on each side of the camera? With the normal strap mounts they flap about and make a lot of sound, they also look very cheap. Ideally I think I'd need a a strap with a loop hole but I can't find one so I was wondering if anyone else is in the same situation?



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  • I seem to have found what I'm looking for, so if anyone else is in the same situation have a look here:

    Has anyone had any experience with this and would recommend it? Any info would be great :)

  • I am also looking for a good strap on my GH2. How ever I want it detachable and the ends unobtrusive when I have it mounted for tripod. Any suggestions? I want to avoid the sling types that use the 1/4" socket since they can back out.

  • Hacked stock strap :)

    1280 x 960 - 441K