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GH1 1080p25 settings for class 6 cards
  • Hi,

    I'm currently using the reliable 2 patch and it's great - works perfectly with class my 6 cards - huge thanks to Vitaly and lpowell. However, I'd love to get rid of the 50i wrapper. Is there some combination of the max latitude patch and the reliable 2 patch that would let me do that? I saw back in June that lpowell was thinking about it, but there doesn't seem to be any update. Sorry if I've missed something...

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  • For Class 6 SD cards I recommend the Blackout-Powell Patch. It records in Native 24/25p at a max bitrate of 55Mbps.
  • LPowell,

    Many thanks - I'll give it a try.

  • And I now have done - sadly it locks up after just a few seconds as soon as I go anywhere near any leaves. I'm using the stock 14-140mm lens at 14mm and a Transcend class 6 card (I suspect that's the real issue) filming leaves in overcast conditions. My immediate reaction would be to reduce the bit-rates, but I don't fully understand the link between the bit-rates and the GOP-length.

    Grateful for any further advice - if not, I'm back to the reliable 2 patch.
  • "...sadly it locks up after just a few seconds as soon as I go anywhere near any leaves"

    Ha Ha...I have a bush in my front yard that now has the final say about what settings I can push my GH13's to.

    I've decided to forget about 25p...even if it works with a 14-140mm a wide lens (7-14mm) will always cause lock-up or no-start when pointed at the "Bush-of-Death".

    At least Pal users need not fret too much...50i is PsF (and no pull-down for us to worry about). Edius (and I guess other NLE's) simply treats the 50i as worries!

    Hence I'll be happy with high bit-rate 50i for my GH2...when I get it.
  • BP patch looks great, use the lens wide opened to 1.4-2.8 for shrubs, or a soft filter.
  • Or better yet, stop filming's boring. Nature sucks. ^_^
  • Not if you're a wildlife documentary photographer...
  • And then you've got all that fur to deal with as well...

    I haven't yet tested the reliable 2 patch with the 20mm f1.7 lens, but am hoping that won't create any problems.
  • When it comes to very wide angle lenses pointed at foliage/fur etc even the "reliable" setting's (i.e. 40mbps) aren't that reliable at 25p (and I only use class 10 Sandisc cards). The strange thing is...if you start the shot on a less complex subject and move onto the foliage it's OK ...most of the time. If you start shooting the same "complex foliage" the lock-up is virtually inevitable after a few seconds (7-14mm set @ 7mm). I shoot a lot underwater so the 7-14mm is my main lens.

    Switch to 50i...absolutely no problems at around 50mbps.
  • Skeptikal wrote:

    Edius (and I guess other NLE's) simply treats the 50i as worries!

    This is not entirely true. At least Edius introduce some colour artefacts which were (it seems) inherited from its DV Codec. See for example:

    It was me who started the discussion. Try by yourself, for example with some red colour on a black background (not necessarily, but the problem is pronounced). The only possible way to get rid of any artefacts and to preserve colour information is to transform MTS to lossless Canopus (LL) codec by VirtualDub (and AviSynth), then import such LL clip into Edius and mark it as progressive, then work on the clip and export it as Lossless Canopus. I haven't found other possible way in order to preserve the original clip quality by Canopus/Edius. If you find it, I would be VERY HAPPY!

    I am just wondering if other editors have similar issues?!?
  • Skeptikal
    Am I right in thinking that what you've done is take the Reliable 2 patch and switch on native 24/25p? It wouldn't surprise me if that caused problems, but my question is whether anyone has found a native 25p set-up that works on class 6 cards. From the sound of things, the answer is no...