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Web Vid Howto combine different frame rate footage in Premiere 5.5
  • I want to combine footage where the at least one of their audio tracks has to sync/match the video across 2 footages.

    Sony HDR Cx-100 60i & DV NSTC 29.95 fps

    Is there a way someone can explain how I can sync them. I am only outputting 720x480 (web video) and it doesn't have to look totally pristine, but the cleaner the better. I am using Premiere Pro CS5.5 on a Mac Pro.

    Thanks for any good advice.

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  • @momo333

    I suggest to put details inside, and make question simpler and more general.

    Otherwise, you most probably need to use some frame interpolation.

    Last two won't be big problems, but set of devices used is quite strange. I mean cheap old camera, very cheap old DSLR, and cheap HD camera :-)