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New footage from vesubio
  • More footage from vesubio. This film really looks promising, aside from the fact it looks like a really good movie; Vesubio's cinematography is making the GH2 really shine.

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  • Nice work!! Vesubio really makes GH2 shine

  • He is making GH series shine, imagine what a hacked GH3 would be for him if its any better than the actual hardware. Anyways, i still think there is a little bit more work to be done in his dolly manipulation/camera weight, and light control, although it is an exelent cinematography the post production make good help in the final product. But the motion the camera delivers plus its crisp resolution with this texture... (i dont know if its post or the real camera its making this) but if they told me it is a red camera with post ( green overral color ) i would belive, even an alexa.

    Congratulations to Gami for making all research shine wit his cinematography on the GH series and thanks to vitality for opening the doors, lpowell driftwood and cbrandin for a grate research and developement for this new breed of "digital film stock (patches)" for this camera. im proud fuck! really.