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Videography Demo Reel containing mostly GH2 footage with some GH1 and GoPro
  • Just put together an updated demo reel, as it had been about 5 years since I made my last one. Have been sending clients links to complete videos, though wanted to have just one that contained a glimpse of the various projects I have worked on recently. Most shots are from an unhacked GH2, a couple from a hacked GH1, and a few GoPro HD shots are mixed in.

    Found some info online about recommendations for reels, though doesn't seem like there is any one rule of thumb. Let me know what you think, and could use some feedback, as I may make changes to it, if necessary.

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  • Pretty good man. I see a few faces on there I recognize from TV. Are you a part of the whale wars crew?

  • @HillTop1 - Thanks. Not part of the whale wars crew, rather have volunteered with Sea Shepherd for the last two years doing photography and producing videos for their website. I primarily shoot stills on the campaigns, though do shoot some video too, that they have used for the last two seasons of Whale Wars. Back in the States for now, though may return to the ship down the road.