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Chinese ARRI Fresnel lights, very good
  • I wonder if anyone in this forum has used Chinese Fresnel light that are available here at deals.

    What's your opinion/recommendation?

    I also wonder if anyone has used 800W Red Head Quartz Fresnel lights (for just £56, it seems to be a steel)

    I understand that the LED is the new fashion and everyone is going after them. But which ones would you recommend in terms of good old fashioned fresnel lights? So far my requirements are Dimmer, Color temperature control, Barn doors and Fresnel lens. Should I look for other features when choosing? It would be awesome to have LED with Fresnel, but alas...

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  • So far my requirements are Dimmer, Color temperature control, Barn doors and Fresnel lens.

    You want too much.
    First, tungsen fresnels change color temperature with dimming.
    Second ,none of tungsen fresnels allow you to adjust color temperature.

    Should I look for other features when choosing? It would be awesome to have LED with Fresnel, but alas...

    LED fresnels exist. Just are not cheap.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev Which LED fresnels would you recommend, and would you consider trying to make a PV deal? If so, I would be interested.

  • I have a set of 3 x 650watt 'as Arri' fresnels purchased from the same eBay store you linked to. They seem pretty good though the finish is a bit rougher than genuine Arri's. I did have a lens crack which appears to be caused by an excessively tight fit in the front housing.

    To reduce the light output of tungsten lights you need to use wire scrims not dimmers. Using scrims wont affect the colour, only the output. As Vitaliy said using a dimmer will change the colour temperature which you don't want.

    You will need to use gels if you want to change the colour temperture. ie a full CTB gel to convert them from 3200k to around 5500k (daylight).

    Also I would recommend buying better quality globes when you need to replace them such as Osram. I'm a bit suspect whether or not the 'No Name' Chinese globes differ in output and offer the same life span as the major brand globes. They may but who knows?

  • If one light has so many function, the light must not be professional.

  • I heard that these chinese arri-like lights tend to have a very short life span, mainly due to frying cables or things like that...

    Could anybody give any confirmation on that ?

  • Hi. I believe I have worked with this "as Arri" lights in my uni. The one we have look completely the same but I can't be 100% sure, as I didn't buy them personally. We have both normal Arri and this china versions, so I know the difference.

    Compared to Arri they are more flimsy and unreliable. They feel more "lightweight". They worked quite good at a studio environment, but once I had to take them outside it was a complete disaster. The temperature was very low (around -20 Celsium), and the cable insulation just fell apart. You know how a chocolate breaks on ice-cream? That insulation broke in the same easy way, revealing 2 inner wires and pure metal in some points.

    The light output of this (and Arri) fresnels is not really good, I personally prefer Dedolights for higher output and better control.

  • @Lohmatij

    I saw quite many opposite reviews from pros.

    So, your main complain is cable insulation that can break at -20.

    Considering light optput, can you provide any examples and measurements?
    As I just don't see how big difference can happen.

    Another big thing to consider is that about 5 factories produce similar light in China, so things like cables are not universal.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev , I'm aware that tungsten changes color temperature with dimmer, but this dimmer (which some of these As-ARRIs have) can be used for particular artistic purposes.

    Also, I found 2 video reviews online.

    So far I'm pretty positive about possibly purchasing a 500W or 650W "As ARRI" light as my main set light to complement 312ASZ and YN160 LED lights (my lighting style takes a lot of influence from Noir and neo-Noir styles, so I don't need a lot of lights in my kit), but as Vitaliy says there are 5 factories producing these in China, so finding a reliable eBay retailer is the challenge.

    Just wanted to see what the community at P-V thinks of them and the RedHeads and if reliable eBay links could be posted.

  • I just received an 'As Arri' Junior 150w Fresnel. It came with two bulbs but unfortunately one was already dead upon arrival. When checking prices I was shocked to see some local Australian dealers charging up to $45 (AUD) for a single 150w bulb!

    This is approximately 1/3rd of the total price I paid for the entire light and about 3x the price for the 650w globes. Considering these globes are rated for around 25 hours life expectancy it works at to about $2 per hour per globe.

    Can anyone suggest a supplier for A1/248 150W bulbs or equivalent that doesn't charge such ridiculous prices? - TIA

  • @pundit , are there no cheap replacement bulbs from Chinese traders on eBay? I know it may be a bit irrelevant, but I recently purchased a set of 5 X 800W halogen bulbs for my Redhead for around £10. It took about 3 weeks to arrive, but arrive they did. By comparison, if I were to purchase from a UK trader, the cheapest such bulb would cost me £7.50 for just a single bulb.

  • I have a question to everyone: I want to purchase one of these 650W As-ARRI fresnel light with a dimmer. Has anyone purchased it? Is this particular As-ARRI reliable???

    If not, could you please post links to the reliable sellers whome you purchased from and have received a reliable product??? PLEASE! (This would also be useful to future readers who will come to read this thread.)

    I'm asking because I've heard that there are at least 5 (FIVE) different factories that manufacture these As-ARRI lights. So we need to know which sellers sell trustworthy versions of these As-ARRIs. (For example, I've read a negative review of the ones marked "JieTu", so I'll stay away from them.)

  • I have read in a number of forums that the Chinese as-arris may not have the appropriate earth termination in the power cord and as such would not be able to be used in some countries for business purposes - only private use due to requirements to have electrical safety checking for business use. In other words they wouldn't pass electrical testing.

    Does anyone know whether these have the appropriate power connection?

  • have read in a number of forums that the Chinese as-arris may not have the appropriate earth termination in the power cord

    I have huge doubts about this rumors. I'll ask their manufacturer directly.

  • They're power cords are not perfect, but they work. As far as the lights go, they're not ARRI's, but affordable fresnel lights that will do a decent job in most cases. If you want / need a fresnel that you can toss off the back of a truck and turn on, buy Mole.

  • Warning! Following feedback is made by just registered member!

    I have bought 2x 650w, one 300w and three 150w As Arris recently. They seem a bit rough in build comparing them with the real ones but they do job just as well. However there are a few issues with the wiring. Although the 650s had an earthing fitted the 300s and the 150s didn't. They were fitted with a twin flex cable when it should have been twin and earth. It is the law in the EU for every metal appliance to be correctly earthed in order to pass what is used here in the UK, the PAT test. The 650 was earthed but poorly and I have decided to re-wire the whole lot with UK grade heat resistant cable. In order to do this you have to take the lights apart and it can be a very fiddly job if you don't have the patience. I have used a real Arri to copy the wiring pattern and they now work like a dream and legal to use in our studio.

    They are good value for money but as I have found out the 300watters and below are illegal to use in the EU if you just rely on the manufacturers standard. Oh, and one of the switches packed it before it even got the rewire while another was connected incorrectly with the Neutral to the Live. Also the lightbulbs tend to pop sooner than Euro ones and the spec of the cable tends to be of low grade and unreliable when exposed to heat.

    I knew what I expected and I was happy to re-wire them all the way to the ceramic terminal for peace of mind. They are now all happy rubbing shoulders with the real Arris and proudly sport a PAT label for a prestigious studio.

    Wonderful fresnels, just don't rely on their factory wiring. Please get a competent person to sort them out for you.

    Best regards,

  • Can you guys tells me where can I get scrims kit (china preferable :) for as arri 650 light?

  • Just saw this video:


    Anybody else saw this focus issue in the Chinese copies? The guy says the lens has no engineering in it.

  • Hey! That's my review! Actually, @Vitaliy_Kiselev contacted me via YouTube to register here! I don't have a lot of views on the channel, and I start doing reviews like a year ago, but I plan to get some more gear and do others. Well, glad to enter this forum! :)