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Great time to own GH1 and GH2
  • It seems GH23 (???) testing is making fast progress. Much faster than GH13 when it first came out. Woo hoo!!!!

    GH23 as A cam and GH17 as B cam.

    Use GH17 for time-lapse. Prolong lifespan of precious GH2 sensor :)

    We don't discuss often, but GH2 is a very nice photo camera, too.
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  • Only reason I'm not totally jealous of GH2 owners is I bought two GH1 body only for less than the cost of a GH2 body only. Makes me wonder if GH2s will ever get near the price of the GH1s by the time the GH3 comes out or will the short supply make them always pricier.

    Either way guy's, don't forget to test out the ETC with the hack. That crop mode is the biggest advantage GH2 has and it will be interesting to see how it holds up.
  • Simple supply and demand curve. I'm sure demand for GH23 will go down when GH3 is out, but that's going to be very long wait.
  • I got hold of a GH2 today for a very good price (£525 with 14-45mm off a guy moving to nikon)...although 24p cinema mode is great...the other video modes quite frankly.. suck ass...still major muddage issue...good one panasonic engineers! lol
    Iso's good.DR is good.
    So heres me hoping for a reliable stable 25p 1080p at a nice dont have to be super high
    we need decent 25p ;-)
    As it is I was going to sell my GH1...but will keep hold for now.
    GH2s ideed a lot better/faster on the photo side...especially raw
    Probably will start testing after a few days....need to understand what the hell the encoder numbers mean!
  • No way I'm selling GH1. It will get better like fine aging wine.

    Yeap gotta learn what those numbers mean. I would hate to brick my precious GH2!!!
  • Yeah, considering you have to buy at least a 5d mk II to get a better camera than a hacked GH1/2, you might want to hold on to em for now since the price could go up. The sub $400 are all gone, looks like, and I doubt GH2s will ever get that cheap.