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Background music, jingles, loops, scoring, fx etc
  • А friend of mine introduced me to Apple Logic which has a great loops/fx/jingles library. All sorted by genres, bmp, moods etc. I find it a very convenient construction set for quickly creating music for video needs.

    I'm looking for a PC alternative. I use Vegas for video, Cubase for music, but since I'm no longer in audio production I find Cubase being way too complex instrument for my basic video needs. I don't want to program custom drum loops and create midi score from scratch, tweak EQs and FX for hours - all I need is a quickie-bricky loop based construction toy where I can drop few loops and pre-made fx on a timeline to create a jingle for an advert for instance.

    Any recommendations? Few years ago I checked Sony Cinescore before it got discontinued and SonicFire but I found them to be not as elegant as Logic. Any progress in this realm ever since?

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  • Just checked Magix' licensing policies and that no longer royalty free agreement for commercial work with latest version is a bummer.

  • @zigizigi

    I think that here happens misunderstanding.
    I am sure that you can make commercial works based on the material.
    They just closed hole that you could put single thing and sell it online as yours. This is my point of view.

  • Generally, it is cheap anyway, you can look at softwar deals topic in Marketplace.