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FS: Tamron Adaptall SP 17mm/f3.5 with m4/3 adapter
  • An extremely clean wide angle lens in great condition. I purchased this last Fall and have used it with my GH2. Its a very good, affordable way to shoot at this focal length. The focus ring moves very smoothly and fluidly. This is a unique lens in that it has three built-in filters: Y2 (yellow), R60 (red) and 81B (warm). Of course, shooting with the lens on normal is an option too. The adapter fits solidly on the GH2 and had no wiggle room or "play" like other Fotodiox adapters I've used.

    I'm asking $200 for everything plus shipping (from USA). PM me if you're interested. Thanks!

    4608 x 3456 - 5M
    4208 x 3156 - 5M
    3444 x 2583 - 3M
    4317 x 3238 - 5M
    3456 x 4608 - 4M
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