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Formatting external 1TB Drive - NTFS or ExFAT?
  • I have just purchased an external 2.5" 1TB USB 3.0 hard drive. The drive will primarily be used to backup GH2 MTS files from SD cards while on location. It will be connected to a Win7 laptop but also needs to connect to a Win XP PC. (I have installed the Microsoft ExFAT driver)

    I would also like to be able to connect the drive via USB to my Dune Smart D1 media player. Currently the Dune will not directly read my Sandisk 64g 95mb SD cards which I think maybe a Dune/ExFAT incompatibility issue.

    I believe the GH2 formats SD cards to ExFAT.

    After searching for a definitive answer I'm still not certain whether to format the hard drive to NTFS or ExFAT. Advice needed - TIA

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  • There is no advantage in using exFAT for such a drive. NTFS will perform better and is more compatible with different operating systems or media players.

  • @karl Thanks Karl.