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5D MKIII - the first footage
  • Hey there,

    just wanted to share the little clip of the first footage i have taken with my brandnew MKIII. It was a big loss and bigger win (for me). Footage is graded in AfterEffects and sharpened by a value of about 18. I had one batterie. Next time i wont again.

    Let me know what you think of the footage. sure its not raw, but i wanted to see how bendy the footage is.

    best regards meniK

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  • Some nice shots and nice grading too, but due to all respect, imho your camera is shaking mostly to much to judge the technical quality of the footage. I have one 5DM3 too, bought it for stills photos mainly but I am suprised of the quality of All-I video footage. I did some portraits videos and for me there is no lack of sharpness.

  • yeah, youre absolutely right about the shaking. Riding bike, stopping, filming, riding, stopping, filming. wasnt very good. the hurry is visible. thanks for pointing it out though.

    great to hear that you made some positive experience too. The sharpness in the first product stills was also suprising for me, but im coming from aps-c, so im happy anyway.

  • i like the colors a lot, kind of vintagey. footage is too smooth though or shutter is not double the frame rate, right?. its a little shakey but handheld is the way to go!!! :) dont worry about "technical quality", make it human and artsy.

  • thanks for the advice. i think i also forgot some export settings.

    ill update it with the right vimeo export settings.