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Please help identify this rig
  • I am trying to figure out what rig this is posted here. It may be a Redrock Micro and if so, what make/model is it? They don't have anything like it on their website at the moment.

    Also, if anyone knows of similar rigs where the main rod can be adjusted and set below the shoulder (seems most of them being made are simply straight rods parallel to the shoulder). I also like that the handles are closer together rather than so far apart as is the case with most models.


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  • Cavision makes that rig - they're not bad. I had one as my first rig and the shoulder mount needs additional padding (IMO) as there is none. It's not the best made system but it works.

  • Thanks for the info. Can you recommend any other ones that have an adjustable main rod like that, which allows you to have the camera below the shoulder? I'd like to hear which rigs you really have liked too.

  • Check out the Lanparte Rig, it's available here discounted on occasions. Specifically have a look at this video

  • You're talking about a bulldog style rig. Gini rigs come with an ample amount of rods that are all threaded to some extent, allowing you to use it over the shoulder or bulldog style. Can't speak highly enough of the dollar-to-quality ratio of these rigs.

  • Thanks everyone!

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