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Acer presents 1080p W700 tablet with Thunderbolt and USB 3.0
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    794 x 521 - 67K
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  • GEEZ! That is a very bold product. I like that kind of aggressive approach. USB3 and TBolt is really pushing the tech to the edge and in a sense why not? Someone will get there eventually, so why not be the 1st to take the leap? Of course the real issue is how it all performs cuz if they haven't executed the inclusion of all this tech properly then it won't matter a bit. I'm very intrigued to see some real reviews down the line.

    What do you suppose they intend to do with the TBolt port? It's not like WiFi or Bluetooth, where you have a large user demand for such things. What is the plan for the TBolt port from Acer's perspective I wonder.

  • I do not know Acer. Most probably it was demand from Intel. Plus this thing is intended to be niche product with high price.
    But, if it will drop to $700 and BM will optimize Ultrascope for it, it could be really good.

  • Awesome .. unless Toshiba do similar within next 2 months (My laptop lease ends then) .. I'm buying it.

    In my experience, Acer make pretty good computers technology wise .. in the past I would have said .. a little fragile .. that said last netbook I looked at was quite solidly built.

  • I forget that Intel has a vested interest in promoting TBolt to as many people as possible. The more products with it the better for them. I'm sure BM had some idea about that and Apple intention to use TBolt throughout product line.

    This thing having both USB 3 and TBolt is Very flexible. You use with Nikon D4/D800 too. I'll keep my eye on this one.

  • Acer have an agressive pricing policy. In my personal experience this comes at the cost of after-sales service. But i like this evolution.

  • It is not really the case with their tablets, all major players still have huge margin on tablets (compared to all other of their products).

  • Special warning - any talking here about things completely not related to Acer tablets are prohibited.

  • I wanted to buy a tablet with Thunderbolt. Turns out that Acer ended up shipping this without a TBolt. Disappointing!

  • I wanted to buy a tablet with Thunderbolt. Turns out that Acer ended up shipping this without a TBolt. Disappointing!

    Any reason for this? I think it is best to just get one with USB 3.0