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GH2 Speculations
  • Anybody remember off hand how long the original GH1 hack was working until Panasonic changed the firmware? Chances are they'll make the new hack unhackable in time.

    I have no money coming in cause I'm off work for the summer(school job) so I'd like an idea if I need to get a part time job so I can get one ASAP or if I can wait 3-4 months and slowly save up.
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  • in all honesty I doubt panny will do anything too soon nor give a crap...rumours abound that GH3 is on way and GH2 going out of production already. Speculation is just speculation.
    You will probably find a "OLD" gh2 with hackable firmware dont worry much.
  • GH2's are so hard to find in stock at a reasonable price, that it's laughable how poorly Panasonic has handled this camera. I understand about supplies after the great earthquake and tsunami, but this is ridiculous. Odds are, Panasonic will release a successor before you finish saving up the money to buy the GH2.
  • They are easy to find outside the US, just get it imported and apply the region hack. Retail store warranties are for wimps ;)

    If the camera develops a fault you just return it to country of origin and they send it back fixed. Not much extra expense, just the postage.

    Yes I agree Panasonic handled US stock very badly. But then you guys should have bought more mirrorless cameras in the financial year 2009-2010!! :)
  • So...who is reputable overseas? eBay isn't always a safe way to buy from overseas. A reliable overseas seller would be of interest to those of us in the U.S.
  • @MrAnthony
    I provided links in main GH2 topic.