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use SD adapter for USB memory pens to record directly into HDD
  • so i found this, SD adapter for USB memory pens

    does anybody know if it is possible to use this to record directly on an external Harddisk?

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  • @fomalhaut3

    I'm with you in wanting a way to share SD files in the field; I have been asking for one ever since a few of us watched a fireball (meteor) for 30 minutes in the desert but only 1 person had a camera - and left the country the next day! SD-to-SD has become a holy grail for me, but I'd be happy just to copy files onto my phone. A hard drive? who knows - it would need independent power at the very least. There do exist storage units with little LCD screens for copying. This product has been around for a while but it seems hard to find a stockist. Maybe UK residents will have better luck at

  • The though of having it connected to the camera makes me shiver. I wish there was a cable at the end of the microSD and not the whole device hanging on the microSD plug. I'm also tremendously curious whether this will allow the plugged USB device to act as storage and if the writing speed limit is the limit of the attached USB device.

  • Limited by the SDHC specification to 32GB devices. E.g., worthless.

  • Nice idea, but it really looks like its made to break.

    About SD2SD copy: I own a Samsung Galaxy S2, its a great phone for the money and it supports USB OTG (on the go). You can connect USB hubs (at least some work) and then cardreader, USB stick or even a HDD if the hub is powered (can be done with batteries, did so last year). Last but not least.. i checked yesterday: You can even connect the GH2 directly and access the files inside. If you record to MOV you could even do ruff cuts with the video app that comes with the phone. (in theory.. did not test) Very limited, but might be useful for ENG.

  • @Sangye

    I wouldn't say it's worthless. If there is no speed limit then it could pave a way for extreme settings.

    Now, about the 32GB size limit, you are absolutely right. :(

  • Theoretically (I don't have first-hand experience with it), this product does what you want in a different way: It advertises:

    Endless Memory mode is an option you can activate on your Eye-Fi Pro X2. Enable Endless Memory, and your Eye-Fi Pro X2 card will automatically free up space once your photos and videos have been safely delivered. It’s like having an endless memory card!

    So theoretically, it should be able to transfer your .MTS files and remove them once they have been transferred. I don't know, though, whether that would work simultaneously to taking new footage... and of course, you would have to have some laptop (or one of those cheap and small smart WLAN routers with USB-attachable disk) within range to store the transferred data onto.

  • The bottleneck is still inside the camera. The fastest stable patch ever made AFAIK is 220Mb/s, which is 27.5MB/s, nowhere near the limit of 95MB/s cards.

  • @Sangye: fomalhaut3 didn't say he wanted to do this to allow for more writing speed. It could be useful just for the "endless" space...

  • @karl Sorry that was unclear, I was addressing @duartix regarding the SDHC to USB adapter.