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Converting 2D to 3D
  • Stereo conversion, or dimensionalization as it is sometimes called, is the process of making stereo images from non-stereo traditional 2D images. We originally published an Art of Stereo conversion two years ago, and this is a new updated version of that story covering The Avengers, Titanic, John Carter, Star Wars: Episode I, plus the newest techniques and approaches.

    Many people argue that if you want a film in stereo you should shoot it in stereo. Yet many filmmakers do not want the physical size of an on set stereo rig, or they prefer to shoot film (ruling out stereo in camera, effectively) or want to use anamorphic lenses which are extremely difficult for stereo native capture. Even on a stereo film, lenses and situations often times render a single camera the only viable solution. Thus, even on films shot in stereo there may well be a need to convert some footage and that high quality conversion is an important tool in the box of any effects house.

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  • a bunch of my previous coworkers started a 2d to 3d conversion company:

    I don't know any of the technical details besides what has been publicly released, but there is more to 2d to 3d conversion than just taking an existing 2d film and converting it. For example, if the production believes 3d is a destination, they can shoot in 2d, but have some compact 3d hardware that scans depth/location/orientation information during the shoot. This makes the conversion a lot easier and realistic. Obviously having 3d information regarding the set is nessisary, so recording that information will help as well.

    And as V stated, shooting in 2D has it's benefits as it simplifies the shooting (you don't have to worry about parallax, weight of the rig, monitoring, etc..). Basically people who are good at shooting can just do what they do best.

    I haven't seen converted 3d versus native 3d comparisons, but from what I've been made to believe if done right, converted can look just as good.

    edit been reading some of your article, seems to cover everything I mentioned lol... it's an interesting topic for sure!