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Magic Lantern on Canon 500d/ T1i
  • Anyone has tested Magic Lantern on Canon 500d/ T1i? Many friends tell me that there's not a huge difference between 500d and 550d, except for high-iso performance (>6400, but for video, who cares?); while t2i was very popular , t1i (500d) was not used by videographers because of its lack of manual controls and only 20 fps mode; however, now using Magic Lantern you can get manual controls, 24/25 fsp, focus peaking, HDR.. I' ve noticed that these "old" cameras are very cheapy (you can get used t1i bodies for only 250 €, while canon t2i costs at least 450€ ;) anyone has tested Canon 500d video quality improvements with Magic Lantern?

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  • I am sure that if you wait and will carefully check, you can find good deals on latest bodies.

  • ..latest bodies: do you mean 550d/600d when 650d will be released ? ;)

  • I mean latest actually available.
    At current prices and constant deals and rebates it is almost never reasonable to stick with older bodies.

  • Thanks Vitaliy!