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Supervillian Rex Velvet terrorizes Seattle with YouTube video
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  • wow, very nice

  • Lee,

    Did you make this video? Is it related to the May Day riots? If so, that was some fast production.

  • No, It's not mine, presumably it was produced by Rex Velvet with the assistance of his henchmen.

  • Not bad but he doesn't hold a candle to old school Youtube Villains.

    MC Electric Chair

    Demon Lord ColPicklejar

    And the now vanished DrRustyWigwam....sadly Dr Rusty closed his channel and all his vids are gone, but a few remain. Here's a response he did on another channel.

    YouTube tremembled when DrRusty and MC Electric Chair teamed up to kidnap another minor youtube celebrity.

    Sadly it seems like the law finally caught up with these super new vids in years.

  • @CRFilms I beg to differ, Rex Velvet is determined to eradicate such amateurish production values as you cite above, not to mention the infamously shameless cheesehound known as "Phoenix Jones":

  • @Lpowell most of those videos are 4+ years old. If they were still doing vids today. They'd be well beyond Rex Velvet production values as they were already then above his comedic abilities.

    Though Rex's Stasche does show promise.....

  • @CRFilms nice threadjack. Villainous even. lol @LPowell looks great. Would love to see more.