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iTunes hates my PC
  • My Windows 7 x64 workstation recently crashed (black screen of death) and I had to restore the OS to an image saved by Windows Home Server a few weeks ago. Most everything fit back into place without much grief, except for one little thing:


    Actually, the iTunes app still worked after the restore, but it nagged me about being a .version or two out of date. When I ran the iTunes installer, however, it refused to cooperate, passive-aggressively complaining that it was "interrupted", as if an unidentified force prevented it from completing its mission. I then tried to use the Windows Control Panel to uninstall the existing version of iTunes, and it refused to do that as well! (Right here, I'll just get it over with and say it out it loud: Fuck. You. Apple.)

    After some research, I tried using the following resources to scour the dregs of iTunes out of my system:

    1. Downloaded and ran the Microsoft Fix It utility to manually uninstall iTunes, QuickTime, MobileMe, Apple Software Updater, etc.
    2. Deleted all remaining iTunes and Quicktime folders from Program Files folders.
    3. Deleted all remaining iTunes and Quicktime folders from all users' AppData folders.
    4. Used ResEdit to delete all iTunes, iPod, and Quicktime keys from the Windows System Registry.
    5. Rebooted the computer and verified that no trace of the string "iTunes" could be found anywhere.

    Then I ran the QuickTime 7.7 installer for Windows. This successfully reinstalled the last known reliable version of QuickTime on my system.

    And once more I tried to install iTunes. Result? "iTunes installer Interrupted."

    Then I realized what I was missing:

    • No more dialogs pestering me to make iTunes the default media player.
    • No more random interruptions by the iTunes software updater.
    • No more unchecking the insidious "iCloud" download Apple keeps trying to push.
    • I can now recharge my iPhone without iTunes trying to take over my PC!

    ...sometimes small blessings come in unexpected packages :)

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  • iTunes sucks.

  • +1 on the suckiness. I hate software that takes control away from you and does all sorts of things on your behalf.

  • iTunes hates my Mac. My library's quite large and it is sluggish as hell even on an 8-core 16gb of RAM system. I still use it, just because it syncs podcasts to my iPod, but I'd rather be running Foobar.

  • ITunes is pants

  • Sorry for you (all) but iTunes doesn't hate my 3 macs and I'll keep on using it.

  • On my PC, I use Foobar2000 and iTunes as my main media players. Each does something I wish the other would, but Foobar2000 is definitely better suited to power users. One of the things that iTunes does right (consistently) is burn CDs correctly without requiring me to do a lot of debugging. Some versions of Foobar2000 on some systems, with some burners work flawlessly for me. Others require... help. :)

    @LPowell I had a similar issue on my system. I am trying to remember how I solved it. Do you want me to let you know if I do, or is the point now moot?

  • @thepalalias Thanks, I'd definitely like to know the cause of this glitch, in case it's left a hidden time bomb in my system.

  • @LPowell Okay, I`ll try to see if I made any notes later. Will let you know what I find.

  • iTunes hate us!!!

  • You could try using "revo uninstaller" to uninstall iTunes. It removes all the traces of a software.

    Good luck.

  • +1 for foobar. I've been using it for the past 4-5 years now with no probs. only use itunes to load media on my ipod

  • @LPowell I haven't found my install notes for iTunes from that time, but I did find one that helped a similar app. Have you right clicking on the installer and modifying the compatibility options? Sometimes running it in Windows XP SP2 or SP3 compatibility mode may help. Will let you know if I find my original notes.

  • @LPowell if the installer for iTunes won't allow you to reinstall then it may be missing some registry keys. I'd run regedit and remove all traces of Apple/iTunes linked to the application. Of course you want to be careful when deleting all said keys - it might be better just to use something like CCleaner (crap cleaner) although it's highly doubtful that it's going to remove all traces in your registry.

    IMO iTunes is a plague on your PC with the amount of resources it uses and it's not much better on the Mac platform. I'm sure there's quite a few better alternatives out there...