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Storage during a long traveling
  • hello fellas, how do you back up your AVCHD rushes when you're traveling, and you can not carry with a computer? The solution is to take it a lot of cards with you? thanks gabi

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  • my solution when on the road , and even in places that only have solar power (offgrid) is a netbook with a SD card reader and a big SATA drive upgrade in it, nice thing is even a Atom powered netbook can playback footage if your trying to review footage while on the road. I didn't expect the netbook to play back footage as well as it did but it does it pretty well.. granted not native res.. essentially 720p resolution, but enough to take notes for keepers for editing later.

  • Yep, netbook is good. If you get one based on AMD CPUs (E-450, or cheap C-50, C-60) you'll get fullhd playback at no problems.

  • I have the lastest EEEPC from Asus with AMD CPU play everything without any issue. I replaced the HDD by a SSD and I have a backup a 500GB rugged Externar HD. The laptop has a built-in SDHC/SDXC reader.

  • Oops a Lag in my network Sorry for the 2 posts.

  • For those who use Nextodi ND2730 as a backup device there are good news. The producer released (finaly) a new firmware supporting exFAT internal HDD format. It means you can backup files over 4Gb from SDXC card to the device.

    the direct link is here

    ND2730 is initially photo storage unit and copying of SDXC 64Gb card is slow (about one hour). Given working 2 hours on one charge you actually get only 2x64Gb cards backups in the field. For hacked GHx users it is still workable. Anyway ND2730 is much cheaper than other Nextodi backup products dedicated to video.

    For BMPCC prores backup ND2730 is almost useless. While one SDXC card is backed up a cameraman may shoot another 2 cards.

    Unfortunately there are no other portable affordable solutions for backup of files over 4Gb. I was trying to find a cheap netbook although finally gave up due to size / weight considerations.

    Ironically Hyperdrive (that is faster than Nextodi) may become attractive for BMPCC raw shooters (because separate .DNG files are still less than 4Gb each).

    There is another good opportunity for backing up files while traveling. Macally WIFISD is reported to be capable to transfer files directly from SD card to external USB harddrive. You still need a smartphone to operate this process over Wifi (android and ios apps are available). Working hours on one charge are much limited.

    If you have any other suggestions/comments on howto backup video files on budget while traveling please let us know.

  • I have been looking for a computer less solution to back up my SD cards for n upcoming trip. keeping it mobile and on budget was a main criteria, speed needs to be reasonable. I have looked at - Ravpower Filehub, but SD read speed is listed at 3MBps so that's just too slow as a 64G SD card will take more than 6hrs to backup. Also there seems to be some reviews saying it did not recognize exFAT so it was a no go - Kingston Digital MobileLite, battery is too small and one review mentions that it corrupted their HDDs FAT table so no go - IOGear Mediashair, small, handle everything incl exFAT & HFS+, based on function it might be fast enough but no specs and no reviews mentioning speed for copying. BTW looks almost like the Macally WIFSID, The LED Icons are exactly the same.. I wonder.... picked it up and copied 10GB from Sandisk Extreme Pro to OCZ SSD V3 via Seagate SATA-USB adapter I borrowed from their GOFlex series. 10GB in just 15min so about 1.5hr for 64GB which I think is acceptable especially at the price I found it at (C$40) It will run with battery pack charging it but need to be managed via iOS/Android/Computer. iOS app if closed, while performing copy, pause the transfer after it completes the current file but the web interface will not get interrupted. Not the perfect solution but for $40 it is good enough for me until next time Hope this can help someone looking for a portable solution like myself. BTW I usually bring my MBA but this time the airline had a 5kg carry on limit!!