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Dolby 3D at NAB
  • This one seems to be under the radar. Looks good. Not really for theaters.

    The Best Glasses-Free 3D for Any Device

    Dolby® 3D is a suite of technologies developed by Dolby and Philips® that is applied to both 3D content and displays. It provides viewers with easy, exciting, customizable 3D viewing:

    Delivers a spectacular, vivid, and clear 3D picture

    Works on any 3D TV, tablet, laptop, or smartphone

    Automatically optimizes 3D content for the specific device and screen size

    Upgrades half-resolution to full-resolution 3D (for both glasses-free and traditional glasses-based 3D)

    Lets viewers sit anywhere in the room for great 3D, rather than in one small area (CUT)