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New Panasonic Pro cameras and AF100 50p/60p software upgrade
  • Panasonic AG-HPX600


    Panasonic AG-HPX250 improvements

    HPX250 owners can take advantage of a free software upgrade that will enable Focus-in-Red and “Turbo One” One-Push Auto Focus functionality

    MicroP2 memory SD cards

    Software upgrade for AG-AF100

    Panasonic has introduced a software upgrade to augment the recording and shooting functions of its popular AG-AF100 Large Imager HD Cinema Camcorder. The upgrade (AG-SFU100) will enable acquisition in the 1080/60p and 1080/50p HD recording formats (in new 28Mbps PS mode), and will substitute the 2.39:1 aspect ratio marking for the current 2.35 marker.

    Recording in the high-resolution 1080/60p and /50p master-quality formats is rapidly gaining popularity in broadcasting, sports and scientific analysis. The 2.39:1 marker in the AF100’s viewfinder/LCD monitor will be valuable for narrative and documentary shooters, as it is a standard aspect ratio for presenting films in movie theaters.

    The AG-SFU100 software will be available in May at a suggested list price of $250.

    So, this is all. Besides Jan Crittenden herself looks so upset with the things they introduced.

    500 x 450 - 40K
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  • Now that's an ugly camera. But I'd like to know more about AVC-Intra444

  • It Looks like Panasonic is trying a modular approach similar to RED.

  • The newcomer here, Class 200, will be a visually lossless codec supporting 720p, 1080i, and 1080/24p and 1080/60p. Bergeron said Class 200 would be suitable for ingesting tape-based media with no visible quality loss.

    The new Class 444, aka AVC Intra444, is a 12-bit codec geared toward 1080p, 2K, and 4K media. It will be carrying 4K footage at about 400 Mbps in the Panasonic booth during the show.

    AVC LongG is a 10-bit 4:2:2 codec that produces footage of a similar quality to MPEG-2 at about half the bit rate.

    AVC Proxy, which scales from 800 kbps to 3.5 Mbps, depending on the bandwidth available, is geared toward cloud-based production — and probably those same news shooters Avid is targeting with its Interplay Sphere edit-anywhere system. At the highest quality level, AVC Proxy will carry an uncompressed audio signal.

  • @bleach551

    Where you see this "modular approach" ?


    "the camera looks to sport 3 separate units which may be upgradeable with new technology from Panasonic like their AVC-Ultra codec."

    I'm glad to see so many new codec variations. I hope they will put a new one in the GH-3

  • @Vitaliy,

    It was in my original initial post, which @disneytoy and I commented about.

  • OK

    The 4K Varicam with a small recording pack that harnesses AVC-Intra444 to its full potential, a modular form that optimizes field operability, and a sensor that faithfully reproduces a full 4K frame. We expect it to be welcomed in the world of 4K2K mastering.” Kunihiko Miyagi Director of Pro Video at Panasonic


    Seems like paper announcment for now.

  • @disneytoys,

    Maybe it was designed that way so that it be upgradeable in the future with interchangeable modules.

  • @Vitaliy,

    I believe you are right.

  • I think Driftwood's head would explode if you gave him access to all these Codecs:-)

    AVC-Intra444 AVC Ultra Class 50 and Class 100 and 200

  • If @Driftwood got hold of it and @Vitaliy created a hacking program for it, it would probably look like 8K

  • @disneytoy

    This is mostly marketing terms describing just different encoding parameters.

  • The most important thing here is AF100 disaster. No AF200 is released.
    To be able to reecord in 1080p50/p60 with sound you'll need to pay Panasonic.

  • Really, disaster?

  • Yes, disaster! The sensor/electronics don't get any better with the software upgrade, and 28 mbps for 50/60p, when we have more than 100 mbps for 24p and nicer image quality on a hacked GH2? Ridiculous.

    Sony will eat them alive…

  • this is bullshit, new "sd" p2 scam, i wish their new minip2 are made from beter plastic and electronics, 2/3 inch sensor at 4k is for a forced upgrade for full frame later. Looks good for tv and broadcast.

    come on Af 100 software upgrade, panasonic, i know you have something cooking.

  • But it is last years model. I'm not really sure of the expectations a company "unlocks" or adds features to already existing product line. Yes, I know RED does it, and Sony will throw LOG.out. We only have better compressing because of Vitaliy. If they released a AF200 with the same specs as the 100 I'd understand disappointment.

  • Announcing a minor update for the AF-100 and asking us to pay feels like a slap in the face. Is there more to come from Panny? Because this was underwhelming other than the exciting 4K Varicam. Also, P2 is outdated and irrelevant I think.

  • Btw, this 4K VariCam they "introduced" (with S35 sensor) won't be actual for at least 1.5 years

    So, as result we have most horrible Panasonic NAB introductions.

  • Vitaliy do you think that af100 should have the same compression of GH2 or it's impossible? Do you plan to modifiy/hack it? I would donate if you'll do it...

  • Vitaliy do you think that af100 should have the same compression of GH2 or it's impossible?

    I am not talking about AF100 here.

    Do you plan to modifiy/hack it?


  • The af100 is now available for $3495. Does it make sense at that price?

  • Why would someone invest in AF100 if GH2 (Hacked) already out performs it ? 4K ? without hardware upgrade ? That's a Pannys own "hack" up scaling only ... No innovative ideas ?!

  • Makes me feel like when GH3 comes out, it's gonna disappoint.

  • Makes me feel like when GH3 comes out, it's gonna disappoint.

    Consumer cameras department have no real realation to disappointing Pro Broadcast department performance.

    I told one year ago that best solution is close down Pro department completely (but keep engineers staff) and start from scratch removing all managment.