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Aerial GH2 wide shots, suggest settings
  • Hi guys,

    I need your suggestion about what patch to use for low altitude aerial footage, filmed with panny 7-14, subjects are most of the times under very contrasted sunny light, most of the times buildings or detailed nature..

    I need low contrast and high latitude to color grade in post and most of all I need the lowest amount of sharpness possible, or not at all would be perfect.

    What patch and settings do you suggest me ? (24p or 25p is good)


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  • Sedna A (AQ) 24p would be my choice.

  • Thanks, where can I download it ? got a link ?

  • Been using sedna A myself but with Sanity for 60p as the one with sedna will stop recording even on the fastest card after a couple min. Not sure why you would want the lowest sharpness??? If so, go with Sedna C.

  • I don't want digital sharpness because it makes strobing more visible when panning and it makes the image less natural.

    I need to film at 24p/25p, does Sedna have problem at that framerate too ?

    Thanks for your suggestion and if you have a direct link to sedna it would be very appreciated

  • Look in the BIG Sedna thread. Can't miss it. Someone posted a link to the hybrid i'm using. I've had no recordings stop at 24p, but this is on the 64gb 95mb/s card. I know what you're saying about sharpness, but there is a big difference between digital sharpness and actual detail. Sedna A with sharpness at -2 is what floats my boat at the moment, but give a few settings a try and see what you like.

  • Sedna AAQ 1 off course ,, will give u maximum details in any kind of shots,.. It's made primarily for wide shots,..

  • In Sedna AAQ 1 is digital sharpness reduced or turned off ?


  • yes sometime it's just difficult to find something, imagine to find the thread to find somthing !! Its a double find ! thanks anyway

  • I found it anyway, thanks for your help guys.

  • @robbie75vr

    No problems. We'll keep this topic, I just offered to use more existing topic.

    Sometime such accidental topics turn out to be very useful. I always look at each case separately.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev I tried to ask in the thread you suggested but no reply there, I hope you don't mind if I continue the discussion here

    I'm trying the sedna presets, A B C D E H, some of them crash my gh2 (especially with wide detailed scenes) , I have a Trashend SDHC class10 32GB. How can I edit the preset to avoid crash ? The main feature I need is the lower/no digital sharpening.

    what is the difference between AQ1 and Q20 ?

  • AQ1 pushes the quantisation down and tries out lower (better) Q settings on the fly. Q20 is using the factory set Initial Quantisation and stable Quantisation values. However, with Sedna and other Driftwood settings, the Quantisation scaling tables lower the defaults to a set measure (sometimes very low Q scaling) according to my tests on subjective matter (and there are a lot of tests I use them on before release). The Q20 settings often negate the use of AQ1 (or higher) and tries to keep the quantisation factor balanced for the hi and low frequencies - which is often more than not all that is required. Going any higher on AQ (like AQ2,3 or 4) creates huge gaps of Quantisation differences - from one pixel block to another - causing artifacts.

  • @ Robbie75vr Get a better card. All variants of sedna 24p are working for me on my hexacopter with stock lens. 60p did not though, and I switched to the Sedna/sanity hybrid and every mode works and spans on the sandisk 64G 95mb/s card.

  • Try Mysteron on 60p/50p.

  • @yeehaanow @driftwood

    thanks guys for the explanation

    I will go for the sansdisk then...

  • @yeehaanow @driftwood

    Hi guys, I bought a couple of sandisk 95mb/s 64GB but the camera sometime hangs, I need to remove the battery and i lost the last footage... (filming aerial stuff, with hdmi connected to a video TX or on a DP6 monitor...). Any idea why ?

    It also happens with eosHD unified 88.

    Has something to do with the hdmi connected ?

    I can't find a stable patch for my gh2... a bit frustrating..

    Another strange thing is that the hdmi handshakes with my "HDMI to Composite converter" only in NTSC mode and not in PAL... (I need this converter to send the signal wirelessly from my helicopter).


  • I don't know. I use the same gear- HDMI converter to Video tx and have had 0 problems with Sedna A. @ 24h. Both in the combination patch (sanity for 60p) and original. Maybe try the "clear all settings" patch, then reload Sedna. This is assuming you got a real Sandisk card. I've heard there are fake ones out there. ??

  • I buy directly, I have a photo equip. shop so I suppose it's real (but who knows..)

    I did not try 24, I filmed all day with hbr pal and aerial with hbr ntsc. There also were many many artifacts on details, so far original firmware delivers me better images.

    Where to get that clear all patch ?


  • It's called Clean Slate. Sorry, I don't know where it is. I never use HBR. Tried it once, I think, and the quality wasn't even close to 24h, so I never went back.

  • @yeehaanow I'm now trying the new Driftwood Cluster v7 'Apocalypse Now' - 6 GOP Nebula '444 Soft' - setd, with my 7-14mm. Let's see if it will still hangs.

  • Hi! Sorry been soo busy. propably All aerial filmers understand :)! hacks and soldering ect.. Any recommedations All round hack chich has also good 25 HBR to conform 25p. Need that a lot of gig´s in near future. Lately I ve Used Valkyrie Zero candidate, but HBR is i think lover bitrate? Sorry but tried to find some help from collagues ;)! Thanks for andvanced. something my own and work links in . Sorry my website is still only in finnish.

  • I also like to know the best hack for aerial shooting, any updates here?

  • Flowmotion works well for me: