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Autodesk Smoke topic
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    Autodesk announces the be-all-end-all of postproduction workflows, by making Smoke 2013 one hell of a editing, grading, compositing beast...and SLASHING the price.

    Still too pricey for me, but If I had a small production facility. It'd definitely be an option.

    Trial link:

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  • Looks great. We've got the Flame and Lustre options too, but it's a pretty steep learning curve. 2013 looks much less daunting..

  • Still no Windows 7 version or support for ICC profiles? AFAIK After Effects is still the only choice to meet those specs.

  • I am very much looking forward to beta testing it. I can see this either taking over my facility or being used in one of the bays as a finishing tool. I have a lot to learn in the next few months! So many cool announcements so far from NAB. Wish I was there. Wondering if there will be any last minute "and one more things" from the FCPUG supermeet on Tuesday night. Also can't wait to try out CS6.

  • Most facilities in "town" don't care- aint about the box all about the boy or girl - let's all not worry about incremental fiddling of manufacturers, AVID are ditching MacPro, Servers, etc FCPX adios- 50 million fiddlers or 10k annoying questioners - with the support network involved... what would you do .. exactly. TBH Premiere does everything FCP should have and more but hey!

  • Hey soundgh2, that almost read like a rap song :-)

  • Holy Smoke

  • About time someone started combining these sorts of applications :) I wish AE and PPro were merged too.

  • Stop it, guys!!! This is cruel. Are you trying to kill both AE and Mocha?

  • I set up a one on one demo with the Smoke people here in LA. I am definitely looking forward to taking this thing out for a test drive.

  • Autodesk is now powerful software monster. Similar to Adobe :-).

  • Its also good to know that by 2013 Thunderbolt (per Evan Schechtman) will be the ubiquitous transfer mode of the future we have all been hoping for... finally.

  • Also, I'll be beta testing Smoke in June.

  • @shian

    Personally, I hope that Thunderbolt will vanish and will be replaced by industrial standard optical interface, say USB 4.0 :-)

  • The Smoke 2013 trial/beta is available today. First impressions - interesting, but performance is very sluggish on my ATI 5870 GPU doing simple CC adjustments on prores footage. Not surprising I guess. I'll get an nVidia card in here soon.

  • yeah, I downloaded it yesterday, but haven't installed it yet. Too much other stuff going on.

  • @VK

    I don't think that Thunderbolt will go any time soon... Intel have a LOTS of hopes for that tech... and it its scheduled to run on optic anyway...

    However - I still don't really understand why not just use 10GiE? Thats fast yeah?

    Only thing I like about TB tech is that you can run 'any' standard through it... Like VM- its all virtual...

  • Wow, wasn't expecting this! I have quite a bit of background with 3ds and maya, the node interface and 3d workspace makes so much sense for video and comp work! Seems pretty amazing, I'll have to give it a try!

  • I have started using it and it is interesting, and seems fairly easy to use, but it does crash a lot on my system OSX Lion 8 core.

  • I attended a great demo of Smoke last night, showing actual production usage in a customer video, i.e., compositing a still with moving keys into a sequence (basically, zooming in and rotating a picture on an open book.) The demo also showed color matching between scenes, and a few other really cool capabilities.

    My impression is that Smoke seems to be an amazing package for its capabilities, and has come down in price substantially. The biggest advantage is that once you master its hideously complex UI, you can save tremendous amounts of time in advanced video editing (i.e., stuff you simply can't do in FCPX.) The downside is the long learning curve to be productive.

    They announced there is a 20% discount until the end of this week, reducing the base price of $3,495 down to less than $2,800. For a professional production house with regular editing gigs, I would say this is a great adjunct to AE and FCPX. They've worked hard on stability, and I think performance was good on the latest MacBook systems.

  • @ahbleza

    But I think smartest will be go for $999 price range and move to Windows PC market.

  • @Vitaliy_Kiselev So what software does the motion, color correction and editing workflow on Windows for $999? Incidentally, I personally will be buying Davinci Resolve for $3,000 (apparently, it comes bundled with a free camera. :-)

    By the way -- this is off topic, but I was wondering if it makes sense to do a "camera census" for PV visitors, i.e., so we can get some statistics on which camera systems, workflow, NLEs and preferred lenses are used by this community. Is there a survey software package that integrates with PV software that we could self-register such information? I think it might also be a good resource for people looking to hire professionals in the different global areas. What do you think?