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Check your SD Cards for PHYSICAL Damage
  • Well...I usually GENTLY place the SD card into my GH1, but the FIRST time I jammed it in...something happened. It started feeling weird coming out, then the camera would start having shutdown fail errors with no card in the slot while it would stay on before. I checked the card and found a jagged sliver at the edge missing. Now it started jamming up with another good card. I managed to find the service manual online, but the screws were so tight on the back body I was afraid I would strip them. Finally I took a bread twist tie, stripped it to the wire and was able to fish out the plastic scraps jamming it up.

    Be gentle folks...gentle.

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  • Yep - think we had a similar topic but basically, if stuff gets jammed in there, try a vacuum cleaner (if you can get a smallish nozzle for it) to get the stuff out. Also the little bits of plastic between the contacts can break off very easily. Impossible to see tiny bits of plastic down a tiny slot, so yes - good advice to check visually each time!

  • This happened to me, same exact spot

  • This has happened to one of mine (not the 64gig one thankfully)...