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Pretec Class 16 SDHC SDXC 567x 667x cards
  • Pretec Announce World’s Fastest Compact Flash And SD Cards (CeBit Hannnover) (SDHC, SDXC is Non-volatile solid state; data is not lost when power is turned off)

    interesting thing for us/settings GH2, for example SDHC667 (667x) but minimum 16MB/s so min. 16x8=128Mbit/s !!! for now already on the market and selling on see link below: "Pretec 16GB SDHC Card 567x Class 16" for €45,55 and there is 32GB version of this SDHC. BUT also on pretec the website there is SDXC 64GB, the cards all Class16, AND NOT the older versions (class10, 6, 4 etc.), here are the links:

    The minimum thing of Class16 means minimal trasfer speed of 128Mbit/s maybe this can help us the minimum limit (on the lower side) is 128Mbit/s AND up to it's higher limits (specifiation of Pretec).

    Now we can do guaranteed minimum of 128Mbit/s ??!! Sounds good, BUT the also the "64GB SDXC 567x" and the upcoming "16GB SDHC667 667x". Maybe helpfull for "GH2-settings" and data is not lost when power is down!!!

    591 x 773 - 119K
    128 x 168 - 20K
    288 x 288 - 51K
    288 x 288 - 51K
    288 x 288 - 52K
    288 x 288 - 61K
    288 x 288 - 61K
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  • Data is not lost when power is down is standard. :)

    The cards are worth testing for sure, but keep in mind that there are other factors in play beyond just the sustained datarates that determine stability for a given setting, (factors such as frame size limits). If this were not true, then all settings would have the same stability at the same bitrate, which has not been the case.

    It remains to be seen whether this card outperforms the SanDisk or Delkin 95MB/s cards. If they do, that would be good news, of course.

  • I thought UHS-1 cards all preform as class 10 in Gh2 as it is not optimized for UHS-1 isnt this like buying a Aston Martin and then being stuck going the speed limit? It may be faster true but i dont think the minimum WS applies to non UHS-1 devices like GH2.

    the key word is "Typical" .....Typical read/write speed 90/45 MB/s

  • I will buy one 64gb card to celebrate with new Driftwood's Canis Majoris setting for sure!!!!

  • @Obscura, sure thing.

    @No_SuRReNDeR Yes, but even under best scenarios, there is nothing in the marketing that guarantees faster performance than the Delkin or SanDisk 95MB/s cards. They will have to best tested to see how they all compare.

  • @No_SuRReNDeR that's right but the upcoming one is typical say 95/80 MB/s AND min. 16MB/s due to Class16 specification, the card is PRETEC 16GB SDHC667 667x" (the black one), but for now there is on pretec the website PRETEC SDXC 64GB, and sdhc's 16/32GB all Class16 cards, the last ones are the green color

  • How expensive are these bad boys?

  • $45 Newegg link:

    Unfortunately, it's likely these latest Green Pretec cards(like the other pretecs) will NOT be optimized for 32KB blocks. Though I'd love to be wrong about that.

    They'll scream at 64K and up, but that doesn't help us much.

    Pretec corporate isn't customer centric. I've politely requested(for months now) that they test their upcoming cards at 32K and intimated that they'd sell hundreds, if not thousands, to GH2 owners if speeds were decent.

    Even linked to specific utilities for testing.

    Not a peep from them.

  • Bought a 433x 566x and this card will swing it round me garden ! Seems 433x still boasts same min read rate - my tulips will tell!

    Had Nikon lover whos just bought GH2 and using it on ads with Sedna AQ1 almost crying at the quality - he's kept me in work with Ridley Scott ads and awards etc for years - GH2's good enough for me if it's good enough for him to persuade the clients to pay.

  • @soundgh2 which card do you own SDHC or SDXC and how much GB?

    @soundgh2 okay maybe here you can post some test videos with Sedna AQ1 or similar settings or results when Pretec 433x Class16 is used? because it has the same min rate, but typical read/write speed is lower though 60/35 MB/s, AND maybe you can post Pretec Class16 xxGB 567x (typical 90/45 MB/s) results too, thanks

  • Problem is...the Sandisk 95mb 16gb Extreme Pro costs $50 at B&H.

    So between $5 difference...I'll take the proven name brand. To be fair to Pretec, though....

    Their 667x Compact Flash card did beat Sandisk's 90mb version:,852.html

    BUT....their 667x 64gb CF card costs $700!! vs Sandisks Extreme Pro 90mb CF at $440.

    Based on that, seems Sandisk 95mb will probably be the better deal.

  • @CRFilms thanks for the links, the question is in this case for GH2 the Class16 SDHC and SDXC cards from Pretec..., so if it doesn't beat the Sandisk 95MB/s and Delkin 633x if so I think everybody can pay that EUR 5 or $5 more for sandisk

    BUT... price Pretec SDXC 64GB 567x I think EUR $ 150-200 price range, especially if we look at the price per GB of Pretec class16 SDHC 16GB 567x is EUR $ 45.

    The yet announced "Pretec 667x SDHC 16GB Class16" card maybe EUR $ 50-100 (or I hope so)

    BUT... the big question is here if these cards can run without any thinkable errors so errorfree on GH2 high bitrate settings??? (even the Sandisk 64GB 95MB/s SDXC have some file limit exceed errors, you can now eliminate that, but still an reported error), AND, (see above the comment /woody123/ about 32/64 KB blocks optimization)

    But, I think these Class16 SDHC SDXC cards are potentially good cards, if I see your benchmark link too

  • After my bitter experience with the Sandisk 45 MB/s 16 GB cards and their continuous push back, this is a welcome development.

  • To elucidate, referring to @Felix_LIN test of another Pretec card(not the Green) in this PV thread:

    Note the dismal test score(Via USB 3.0 Interface):

    32K Write/Read 13681 / 32686

    64K Write/Read 37307 / 56864

    Also test from another Pretec Card(also USB 3.0 Interface) at newegg '3D Lover' here:

    32K Write/Read 10129 / 18760

    64K Write/Read 39009 / 65048

    Neither of these was the green Pretec, so there may be hope for better scores, but pretec doesn't seem to give much regard to 32K scores and designs/tweaks(?) their cards for 64K+

    @obscura questioned rightly above: We may just be chasing dragons and wasting time, has anything yet topped the Sandisk 95MB/s Cards? (price/performance ratio included)

    4x 16GB Green Pretec = 64GB at $180

  • $24.99

    Special deal, ends 4/21

    Hi guys, "Pretec 567x sdhc 16GB class16" now only $24.99, 'woody123' posted the link above already it was $45 (now Newegg says: was $55, but it was really $45 couple days ago), only thing there maybe a typing fault, title says class10, but it is Class16 see picture and description on newegg.

    But, $24.99 is really cheap for a 567x Class16 16GB SDHC card !! Hope for people in EU countries too, such prices