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Panasonic Lumix at a critical junction
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  • Panasonic needs to ignore their users and distance further form constructive criticism, and only try to implement what is requested after a decade later (like PDAF), and all should go according to plan. Oh, and I forget, they need a couple more cameras like G100 and G9, and they are all set.

  • Well, Panasonic managers are pure shit. Always had been. I propose that instead of destroying means of production and knowledge, we'll just assembly all Panasonic managers inside on shipping container and sink it in Mariana Trench. If it'll be any space left I propose to add Sony and other companies managers also.

  • I wonder who will make the electronics for Leica cameras if Lumix is actually "divested". Sony?

  • After they made crappy cameras, and they kept making crappy cameras, and I bought them, and kept buying them, I gave up and switched to Fuji and Sony. All they had to do was stop dribbling, dribbling features and make some real cutting edge improvements. Idiots. I'm recording 8K 10 bit color on cheap cards with the Fuji. And it's good color, not slightly odd color. In the 4K beginning, they were awesome. Then they just coasted. Story of Panasonic: Coasted and Roasted.