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Situational Awareness. 10 years in to the future of Ai. Complete PDF
  • EX inside worker from open Ai, Leopold Aschenbrenner, quits its job and leaks crucial information to the public in an extensive 165 pages analysis of artificial inteligence and 10 years in the future. He is being sued by open Ai also LOL.

    I found the entire PDF a real solid expression of what the future awaits for us humans in relation to Ai It gives us a very profound analysis of the requirements for AGI and to reach superintelligence. If you want to understand the potential of Ai and you are eager to invest in something on the future, NOW IS THE MOMENT TO BUY NVIDIA STOKS. In 2023 was $40 now is $122 i predict for the end of this year to reach $240 if not more. Remember Tesla Stocks ? Well the same will happen with NVidia. I don't find any other hardware competitor with a complete set of software, hardware and community support than them.

    For those lazy ones here is the 1 hour resume, i strongly suggest to make the complete PDF read.


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