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LUMIX DMC-GX7 - japanese version NEED HELP converting to English.
  • hi everyone,

    anyone have a good step by step process for this?

    i found one on dpreview BUT i can't get to the "playback interface: press the rectangle with the arrow in it" section....every time i press the Fn2 button twice as instructed, it takes me to the C1, C2, C3 histogram setting.

    anyone got some insight on this?

    here's the instructions list:

    To switch the Lumix DMC-GX7 from Japanese to English, do the following:

    With the camera turned off, insert a non-empty SD card. If it's empty just turn it on, take a picture and turn it off. With the camera still off, press the 3 following buttons: AE/AF Lock + DISP. + WB. Turn on the camera while still pressing these buttons. Press the MENU/SET button and go to the spanner menu. You should have 6 "pages" to scroll down as opposed to 5 before. Scroll down to the entry that says "ROM BACKUP". Then select "DSC -> SD" (first entry) to backup the ROM on the SD card. It is not possible to flash back the ROM when using the temporary service menu. We need to make it permanent. Go back to the recording view by pressing Fn2 twice, and enter the Playback interface: press the rectangle with the arrow in it. Now press ISO + AF/AE LOCK and while still pressing the buttons, turn off the camera. If the operation worked you should see a yellow warning triangle on the screen. While the camera is off, take the SD card out and open it on your computer. First, save everything you have on the SD card. Better safe than sorry. Open the GX7U.TXT file and look for the first "270f" sequence. This is the larger sequence that interests us: 0000,0000,270f,6363,270f,6363 We need to change it to: 0100,0000,270f,6363,270f,6363 to switch the language to English. For more details and other potential language codes, check this thread. Note that I have not tested other languages, so I don't know if they work with the GX7. Once you have changed the file, save it, reinsert the SD card and turn on the camera. Press Menu, go to the spanner and go back to the ROM BACKUP menu. Select "SDALL -> DSC(FORCE)". You should have a message in Japanese that basically says you have written the ROM. Once you've seen the message, turn the camera off and then on. You should now have English menus!